What do you do with Funeral Flowers after a Funeral?

A funeral can be a sorrowful time, but after the passing on of a loved one, we must find a way to live on with our life. No matter how hard it might be, we have to find some comfort in the pain. A lot of times people get depressed most especially after the funeral when everyone is back to their various businesses. It almost feels as though the deceased has been forgotten. In most cases, it is just a feeling because the memories of the deceased would forever be in the heart of the ones that loved the deceased.

So, to find a way to live after the funeral, you should engage yourself in some activities. Like for example, you can engage yourself in finding useful use of the numerous different flowers that were given during the funeral. By getting yourself engaged in something you are in turn helping yourself heal and would eventually avoid depression at the end of the day.

After a funeral, you would find out that you end up with so many flowers that you cannot keep them all in your house. There are various ways you can make use of these flowers that you can be sure would leave you feeling happy and fulfilled while doing away with the flowers you should also take note of the cards in the flowers so you can know who to thank at the end of the day.

  1. Take home a few Floral Arrangements

Having so many floral arrangements in your home would leave you feeling overwhelmed by the fact that you lost someone to death. So it is best to take a few hand bouquets home. After all, having some flower bouquet of beautifully coloured flowers can add colour and life to the house. And when the flowers are the best flowers of deceased, it could be a great way of having a good memory of the deceased. The flowers can also help with grieve; as anytime you see the flowers, it gives some remembrance that you are not grieving alone.

  1. Plant them in your Garden

Another thing that can be done with the condolence wreath flower is to plant them in the garden. By planting the flowers in your garden, you are engaging yourself in an activity to distract your mind from grieving rather than crying your eyes out. You create a memorial monument when you plant a beautiful flower in your garden, especially if it is a flower that reminds you of your loved one. You could even decide to plant it in some unique location in the garden that has a special significance to the both of you.

  1. Preserve the Funeral Flowers

The funeral flowers can also be preserved, which is a handy way of using the funeral flower after the funeral. You can decide to preserve the funeral flowers if you have plans on keeping the flowers for more than a couple of weeks. To preserve the flower, you can consider pressing the flowers and then create a keepsake for yourself and other family members too. The petals of the flower can also be used to decorate picture frames, jewelry box, trinket, and candles. You may decide to preserve this funeral flowers to remind you of your loved one that passed on.

  1. Give them to friends and family

The funeral flowers can also be given to friends and families to lighten up their day. So after the funeral, it is appropriate to ask friends and family members to go home with a couple of flowers bouquet. So instead of leaving this funeral flowers at the funeral site where they would get discarded by the florist or funeral service, you should give them to friends and family. Realistically, the number of flowers you would end up with after a funeral is more than the amount you can use. So giving them out is a perfect way to repurpose the flowers.

  1. Leave Funeral Flowers the Grave

You can also decide to leave the funeral flowers at the grave. Most times permanent headstones are not usually being placed straight away. Flowers can be used in place of the permanent headstones for a short period. Cut flowers, on the other hand, would not last for a very long time, probably a couple of few days not usually more than a week. So you may need to replace that after some weeks. Ensure that you also remove plastic, papers and other items that could fly away in other to keep the cemetery clean. And if you have a spare funeral wreath, you can place one of them on the graveyard site.

  1. Donate the Funeral Flowers

If you want someone else to enjoy the flowers, you can decide to donate the funeral flowers to different institutions like the hospitals, hospice, retirement homes and so much more. Take note that because of allergies, some institutions may not accept your donations. So do ensure you place a call to them before donating. Before sending the flowers to any institution, you want to donate the flowers, remove all notes that suggest what the flowers were used to do.  You should also take note of any arrangements that identifies the use of the flowers such as casket spray, a special tribute and so on.

  1. Make a Potpourri out of the Flowers

You can also decide to make a “do it yourself potpourri” out of the flowers. Flowers have a charming fragrance so you can decide to make a potpourri out of the dried flowers and carry on with the nice fragrance of the flower. To make the potpourri, you would need ingredients like an essential oil, spices, and herbs. You can even make a bag out of the potpourri, and give them to friends and family to have some monument of the deceased. Before you go ahead with the potpourri, you should know that when leaves dry it shirks, so you would require a lot of flowers for the potpourri. So, after drying the leaves of the flowers and adding the essential oil, the next step is to store it in a room for the essential oil to permeate into the leaves for a couple of weeks