What Kind of Flower is Suitable for Grand Opening Ceremony?

Grand opening flowers are suitable to send your congratulations and support for a store opening, a new franchise, or even relocating to a posh building. When a friend or a relative open a new business, you will often surprise them with a flower arrangement to celebrate their new endeavor. In the world of business, flowers are a welcome gift to commemorate not just a new enterprise but also future transactions. While a hand bouquet will do for a close family friend, only a grand floral arrangement will best suit a grand opening ceremony.

Grand opening flowers can be seen as accepting the enterprise or franchise into the world you have been thriving in before them. You can expand your network and build new connections from grand opening flower arrangements. When you are in business, your connections with other enterprises should be as broad as possible. You never know when you will need their services, products, or network. At the same time, you can offer support and start a positive relationship with the new business. This is especially important when mingling with businesses within your neighborhood or business district.

Be sure to give grand opening flowers to enterprises that are significant to your industry. For instance, if you are in the catering business, you will do well to have a good relationship with the newly-opened event hall or event coordinator in town. When ordering flowers from an online florist, you can check out express flower delivery options. You can also discuss the floral arrangement with an expert florist in Singapore so you are certain you will send the most appropriate flowers at the event. Be wary of sending flowers to enterprises “just because” though as this often sends a wrong message across.

Grand Opening Ceremony Flower Arrangements

When you check out a florist for same day flower delivery of grand opening ceremony flowers, you will often find they have bright and bold arrangements on stands or baskets. The grand opening ceremony flower stand is remarkable and generally more appealing. Most flower stands tend to look the same. You can ask the best florist to create a unique arrangement to make your gift stand out from the other congratulatory flowers.

The grand opening flower stands may come with wood or metallic frames ranging in height from 150 to 200 cm. Some are dressed in accessories to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Ribbons can also be added as well as some balloons. You can also give your fellow entrepreneur a grand opening banner. On the one hand, gift baskets are cheaper. Florists in Singapore often have different sizing options to offer.


Types of Grand Opening Flower Arrangements

You can give a friend or a family member a hand bouquet of tulips, roses, and any other kind of flower to wish them well on their new endeavor. If you really want to make a good impression with your future business partner, you may need to invest a little. Do know that grand opening floral stands and baskets can get expensive. Factors like decorations, delivery type, location, and the type of flowers used can affect the pricing of the grand opening basket or stand. Still, it is good to know some of your options so you are not clueless what to give for this special event.

  • Lilies

This type of flower goes well with any occasion. The right flower will send well wishes of blessings to the business owner and the business itself. Lilies also have a pleasing fragrance about them. A grand opening ceremony flower stand with lilies will make a welcoming arrangement near the entrance. Lilies also fare well in a bouquet or a lovely vase. Think Perfume lilies and tiger lilies for a grand opening ceremony.

  • Orchids

The elegant flower should be highly appreciated and exclaimed in grand opening ceremonies. You will certainly make a unique arrangement with this type of flower albeit it can be more costly. If you value the relationship you have with your business partner and want to make a great impact, orchids are perfect.

Think Queen of the Orchids or Phalaenopsis flowers which signify successful endeavors and friendship. Oncidium flowers are also sophisticated flowers that delicately adorn offices. You will certainly deliver a high standard basket or stand with oncidium flowers. As to what it means? Well, oncidiums symbolize a trouble-free and joyful endeavor.

  • Hydrangea

The lovely pastel shades of the hydrangea will certainly be appreciated by family, friend, and business associates alike. You can also send a hamper delivery with your hydrangea floral arrangement in a gift box. Hydrangeas are thought to symbolize hope and loyalty.

  • Gerbera Daisies

Daisies are often given to friends and can also be added to a floral arrangement to start a good business relationship. Gerbera daisies have a positive note to them. If you can’t splurge on orchids and hydrangeas, gerbera daisies are available for the flower delivery.

What colors in grand opening ceremony flowers?

As to the color of flowers, bold, bright, and tropical hues are highly favored. This helps bring customers in as it is attractive at first glance. It is easy to spot even from afar especially if you gave them a grand floral stand. Flower baskets make an appearance at the reception desk or consoles.

  • Red Flowers

This passionate color is perfect to send support for a passionate new endeavor. Red lilies are often present in a grand opening day flower stand. However, be wary of coming across as romantic. Talk with an expert florist so you can stay away from romantic red flowers like red roses.

  • Pink Flowers

A friendly hue of pink orchids, stargazers, roses, and gerberas show your respect and appreciation on the grand opening day. Send your admiration for the opening of the business with this hue.

  • Yellow Flowers

The warm and cheery tones of sunflowers, marigolds, daffodils, tulips, and gerbera daisies are favorable for grand opening ceremonies. A floral arrangement at your friend’s new boutique will certainly be a welcome gift.

  • Orange Flowers

Symbolizing prosperity, orange flowers are delightful at a business grand opening day. You can accentuate the floral arrangement with a touch of orange flowers of the same variety as the other flowers. For instance, a bouquet of yellow and orange roses will greatly be appreciated.

Same day flower delivery options will ensure that the flowers will get to their destination on time for the grand opening ceremony. Be sure to choose a unique design so your gift will be memorable and invite customers.