Step by step to buying a product from Little Flower Hut,  to buy products on Little Flower Hut, search the products you are looking for on the search bar, type the specific product or any keyword associated with it.

Afterwards, check out the details of the product. please refer to below instructions:

Step 1 Select Category

  1. In homepage you can place your cursor in the menu shop by or shop by flower, and you can select your prefered product category you choose.

Step 2 Select Product

  1. In the product page category, you can filter the price that suitable for your budget, you can also scroll down to check the page 2, 3 and etc.
  2. To make our costumer easy to find the category product of flower, you can click which flower you looking for.
  3. If you find the product you’d like, put your cursor in the product you want to purchase and click.


  1. Now you are in a specific product, you can set the bouquet size you want, also if you want to add the gift, just click which product you prefer, if you are in a hurry we also have a special delivery. and now you can click ADD TO CART 

Step 4 Check Out

After you ADD TO CART you can click on the shopping bag logo and a drop down will appear and showing a summary of the item that you have in your checkout, you can choose to view in detail of what you currently have in your cart by click ” VIEW CART” or just click ” CHECKOUT ” to process the payment.

  1. After you click “CHECKOUT” you will be in the page of CHECKOUT DETAILS page, fill up all asterisked [*] fields under the “Delivery Details“, in this section select you preferred delivery date and time from drop down.
    And in the “Billing Details“, this section should be filled with details of the person who is making the payment.
    Be sure that you fill up all for the delivery details.
  2. Tick the checkbox if you’re placing an order for someone else. In other words, if you are placing an order that is to be delivered to address that is not the same as the one of the buyer. And be sure you Filled up all the detail of recepient.
  3. Scroll back to the top of the page, read our “terms and conditions” and check the box then you can click PROCEED TO PAYPAL.

Step 5 Payment

In the payment details Fill in your billing details again, and left click the ‘Pay’ button.

And if your order payment has been completed! You will now be receiving a confirmation e-mail and E-invoice from us. Our lovely staff will also drop you a personalized text message to confirm your order details with you!