Facts About Succulent Plants and Succulent Care

Succulent Care | Succulent Facts

With lots of plants that you can take care of, for sure succulents will always be a great choice. You might not be familiar with the term but these plants are common to desert places. You will surely enjoy growing these plants indoors and outdoors however, it is best that you get effective tips on how to get started.

Things You Should Know about Succulents

Succulents which are also known as desert plants are becoming popular these days. These plants are said to store water through their thick and fleshy leaves. You can see succulents in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors that definitely looks beautiful when taken care of properly. Though cactus is also a desert plant, it is different from succulents. Cactuses are known for their prickle features that you cannot see in most succulents.

Where to Grow Succulents

If succulents are considered to be desert plants, it doesn’t mean that they can only survive in such places. Nowadays, it can already be possible for gardeners to grow succulents indoors and outdoors as long as you provide them with proper care. Succulents can survive in harsh climates which mean it can be grown anywhere.

Facts about Succulents

There are a lot of things that you have to discover about succulents. This can give you ideas on how you should grow the plants. Listed below are some of the important facts that you should know about these desert plants.

  • Succulent comes from the Latin word “Succus” which means sap or juice. This represents the water stored by the plants using their leaves.
  • Succulents are over 60 plant varieties.
  • Green is the most common color of succulents however, you can also find varieties in rainbow colors such as purple, red, yellow, and orange.
  • The leaves of succulents store a chalky substance. This substance keeps the plants away from diseases, sunburn, and pests.

Learn the Proper Ways of Growing Succulents at Home

Succulents are easy to maintain plants and are also resilient. However, if you are new in growing this type of plant then there are important rules that you have to follow especially f you’re planning to grow them indoors. By following these rules, you can expect these plants to thrive well.

  • Watering

Succulents definitely store water in their thick leaves. However, it doesn’t mean that you will no longer have to water the plants. When watering desert plants, it is best that you do it during the evening while these plants are at rest. You have to avoid misting the plants because this will only lead to rotting or spotting. Keep in mind that it would be easier for you to revive a plant that is deprived of water than a plant that is overwatered. In order for you to identify if the plant is getting the right amount of water then you can simply check the leaves. A succulent with puckering leaves show that it needs water while leaves that are soggy is a sign of too much water.

  • Sunlight

Knowing that succulents are desert plants, it is expected that they require direct sunlight. You have to let them get enough sunlight every day from 4 to 6 hours. However, it is also possible for desert plants to survive with indirect sunlight from a window. You have to give succulents less water with the fact that they have already stored some in their leaves. When growing these plants at home, it is important that you increase the amount of light they receive from day to day.

  • Soil

Another essential thing you need when growing succulents is the kind of soil that you will use. As much as possible, you have to look for Espoma Cactus Mix or Diatomaceous Earth that you can easily purchase supply stores.

  • Drainage

Compared to other plants that flower, succulents are known for having wet feet. This is the reason why you have to place them in containers with drainage holes. You have to assure that the plants will not be flooded every time you water them.

  • Health

Just like other plants that you can grow at home, succulents can also be infested by bugs, pests, aphids, as well as powdering mildew. In order for you to keep your plants secured, it is necessary that you use organic sprays. Feeding your plants with the exact foods they need should be done from 3 to 4 times yearly. However, during winter dormancy, you should never feed your succulents.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Succulents

It is true that growing succulents is never that difficult knowing that you don’t have to stress yourself in watering the plants daily. However, if you are a beginner, making mistakes is just natural. So to help you grow your succulents with no troubles, here are some of the mistakes that you have to avoid.

  • Placing them in a poorly-lit space

If other plants are already satisfied to receive the exact sunlight for them to grow, this is quite different when growing succulents with the fact that they are desert plants. You have to look for an area where the plants can get more sunlight.

  • Not giving them enough water

Succulents normally store water through their leaves however it doesn’t mean that you will no longer have to water them. These desert plants required complete soaking yet make sure that the water will come out at the bottom of the container.

  • Using common soil

If you want to grow your succulents the proper way, then you have to look for a well-draining and a low nutrient mix of soil.

  • Putting more than one succulent in a single pot

Putting them together only increases the risk for them to be infested with insects and molds.