Creating lasting impression for your dream wedding

Bridal Bouquet and other Wedding Flowers

Fulfill your dream wedding with farm fresh quality flowers. Enhance your wedding with a perfect flower arrangement of flowers from us. Select the most amazing centerpieces, esquisite bouquets and wedding gifts for your special day here.

Wedding Flowers Price Guide

Wedding Flowers

  • Bridal Bouquets from $80
  • Boutonniere and Corsages from $15
  • Bridesmaid Posy from $60
  • Head Wreath from $50
  • Wrist Corsages from $25

Wedding Accessories

  • Fresh Flower Ring Holder from $70
  • Wedding Car Decoration Artificial from $280, Fresh from $350
  • Car Décor On Site installation $60
  • Installation services (material provided by customer) $120


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Choose the Most Beautiful Bridal Bouquet and Complete the Perfect Wedding

The day of your wedding is coming up soon and you have most of the things for it perfectly arranged. You are making sure that everything is under control, the decoration, the wedding cake, the place… but you feel like there’s something missing, something very important that you will use during the most important moment of the event. That’s right! You have one thing to get yet: the bridal bouquet!

Our florist specializes in arranging flowers, no matter the situation that you need them for, we are sure that you will find something that covers your necessity perfectly. The best part of this is that you will get the most beautiful bridal bouquet for your wedding at the best price ever! This is the best florist to get flowers at cheap prices around Singapore.

Get your wedding finally completed by getting a beautiful bridal bouquet from our website. Don’t worry, if the wedding is coming up very soon, we will arrange it for you, and then we will send your order as soon as possible. We have many options for you available so make sure to check them all so you can find the one that suits you best.

The wedding day is something very important in the life of any person, as they will finally settle and start a new life along with their partner. It is like a restart, but this time, instead of walking through the world alone, you have someone to take care of you and to help you in any circumstances all the time by your side. After your wedding day, we hope that you and your partner enjoy the best of each other’s company.

But before you both get married, make sure that everything will be happening perfectly during that day. Arrange everything with our help! We have the best flower delivery around Singapore, you can trust that your flowers will be arranged by an expert florist and that you will receive them the same day that you order them. That’s how fast we work! You don’t need to worry about getting flowers anymore if you don’t have time; we are now your best friends when it comes to this.

Complete your wedding by getting the most beautiful bridal bouquet from our online florist. You won’t regret your decision! The event will happen without any problem and you will enjoy the moment with the beautiful bouquet that we have arranged for you. Everything else is up to you, but we are sure that you will give your best to make everything go perfectly during one of the most important days of your life. We wish you find what you are looking for with us, and if you ever need flowers again, then you know where to find them at the best prices.

You won’t find another website that has so many options at very good prices around the web. Get your bridal bouquet and even more with us, Singapore’s Favorite Florist!