10 Alternatives to Roses on Valentine’s Day

Roses remain the first choice when it comes to romantic flowers, especially during the Valentine’s Day season. However, aside from Roses, the flower shops in Singapore also offer a wide range of romantic flowers. They are as beautiful and magnificent as Roses, and they are great when it comes to expressing love and deep emotions. If you are looking for alternative flowers other than Roses for Valentine’s Day flower gifts, here are the 10 types of flowers to choose from:

  • Irises

The flowers of Iris in blue color are among the romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day. Not only romantic, but Irises are also symbolic of faith and hope. They are given to convey inspiration or to let a woman know how she inspires someone deeply. You can find this type of flower in three different types such as Ardid Iris, Beaded Iris, and Beardless Iris.

  • Carnation

The flowers of Carnation are not only fascinating and attractive in pink or peach color. They are also romantic in red and white colors. Carnations are among the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day because they represent emotions and love in a graceful way. If you are sending her a lovely bouquet of flowers, you will never go wrong picking Carnations for the Valentine’s Day bouquet.

  • Tulip

The flowers of Tulips are indeed romantic whether in one color or in a variety of colors. Tulips symbolize love in its perfect description. In fact, it is often used for a declaration of emotions and sentiments. Since the Victorian Era, this type of flower already made its way to popularity all throughout the world. In fact, it became one of the most expensive flowers during the Tulip mania in the Dutch Golden Age. Until now the flowers of Tulips are highly favored, especially on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for a fabulous flower gift for a loved one on this romantic day, don’t forget the flowers of Tulips.

  • Orchid

The flowers of Orchids are more than 30,000 in varieties, including the hybrid type. You can have them in different colors, sizes, patterns, and shapes for your romantic Valentine’s Day bouquet. Orchids symbolize love, beauty, finesse, and seduction, as well as grace and majesty. You can find hundreds of flower bouquets of Orchids for special occasions, even on Valentine’s Day.

  • Alstroemeria

The flowers of Alstroemeria are known as friendship flower but they are also a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day because of its symbolism of devotion. They are fragrance-free flowers and uniquely attractive. There is no doubt this flower is a wonderful option for Valentine’s Day bouquet if you want to go for something else other than Roses.

  • Gardenia

The flowers of Gardenia are known for its unique fragrance. They are popularly chosen as Valentine’s Day flower because they symbolize sweet love that lasts for a long time. Gardenias are also selected for Valentine’s bouquet meant to express admiration of someone’s purity and innocence.

  • Gerbera Daisy

The flowers of Gerbera Daisy are popular throughout the world as one of the best choices for romantic occasions. There is a large variation when it comes to vibrant colors. Gerbera Daisies come in bright pink color, as well as in sunny yellow, ruby red, snow-white, and pretty pink. A bouquet of Gerbera Daisies on Valentine’s Day would mean cheerfulness, purity, innocence, love, beauty, and inspiration. If you want to bring delight to a special person’s heart on this romantic day, this is the perfect choice of flower aside from Roses.

  • Jasmine

The flowers of Jasmine are sweet and romantic. The petals alone look heavenly and the scent is like the scent of angels. They symbolize purity, innocence, and romance, which is why they are a perfect pick for a one-of-a-kind flower bouquet on Valentine’s Day. Although most varieties of Jasmine are in white color, there are several types found in yellow, too. If you are sending your loved one a wonderful romantic gift on Valentine’s Day, you have a choice in the fragrant flowers of Jasmine.

  • Hydrangeas

The flowers of Hydrangeas are available in a wide range of colors and shades. They look stunning in white color, as well as in pink, red, or blue colors. There are varieties of Hydrangeas in purple color, too, which vary depending on the acidity level of the soil where they are grown. As beautiful and lovely as they are, the Hydrangea flowers are also symbolic of love and romance, making them a staple flower during the season of Valentine’s Day. Possessing enduring grace, beauty, and charm, this is also the flower for the 4th wedding anniversary.

  • Azalea

The flowers of Azalea are beautiful and mostly scented. The pinkish color of Azalea is symbolic of romance, femininity, charm, and love. It is the type of flower that any lover would want to give to a lady whose personality and character is shining in beauty. Azaleas are also found in different colors, other than pink. You can have them in white, yellow, purple, and blue. Each color may represent or symbolize a different meaning. With hybrids and cultivated varieties, a dozen colors of Azaleas are now made available in the market.

These 10 types of beautiful and charming flowers are a great alternative to Roses for Valentine’s Day bouquets. You can mix and match them to create the most unique and lovable bouquet or flower arrangement for the special person you want to greet on this romantic day.