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Local Flowers Available at Westgate Florist

Local flowers are always available at Westgate flower shop Singapore. The Flower Delivery is guaranteed hand-arranged by professional Westgate Florist Singapore, and each flower bouquet is hand delivered as per requests and orders. You can send local flowers in beautiful designs to your loved ones and family in Singapore for every occasion. Here are the best local flowers of Singapore for your flower gifts:

  • Orchids

There are hundreds of species of Orchids to find in the flower shop. In fact, the national flower of the country is Vanda Miss Joaquim, a special hybrid type of Orchid in a unique and durable quality and structure. Other types of Orchids are also popular in the country, including the Tiger Orchids, Dendrobium Singapore, Den Crumentatum, Veus Fan, Eria Javanica, Cattleya Orchid, Moth Orchid, and many more.

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers are also in rich bloom throughout the country and they are available in varieties of colors and sizes. There are flowers of Sea Hibiscus, Rose Mallows Hibiscus, and Rose of Sharon Hibiscus. The huge variety of Hibiscus differs in qualities, patterns, layer, and structure. Westgate florist in Singapore has this type of flower at the local shops and more can be availed through the local farmers for a unique design of hand bouquet or flower arrangement.

  • Crape Jasmine

Crape Jasmine is the Carnation of India, but it is one of the types of flowers that bloom richly in Singapore. This flower is also available in different varieties with different shapes and sizes. Check Westgate Florist’s website or visit the local shops to find beautiful and fragrant Crape Jasmines. Westgate online florist also provides unique designs of bouquets with this flower.

  • Euphorbia

This ornamental plant and flower is also available in different varieties. It has been used in Singapore as landscape object and indoor decorative item. It has a unique color blend in its petals. On the other hand, some avoid this flowering plant because of its hazardous qualities that may intoxicate animals, fish, and cats.

  • Japanese Rose

Also abundant in Singapore, this local flower is found in different colors. They are great for any flower bouquet for every occasion. They look very charming in bouquets as well as in the garden.

These local flowers of Singapore are just a few. Singapore has the best of the Orchid flowers and other brightly colored flowers in the world. For a Flower Delivery Singapore, you can select some of these local flowers at Westgate Florist for a wonderful bouquet.