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Chinese New Year Hamper


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Bring festive delight to your family and friends with our auspicious CNY hampers
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Chinese New Year Hamper Singapore

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Celebrate the Festivity with Chinese New Year Hampers

CNY also know as Chinese New Year is a time of festivity and celebrations with gifting traditions being practiced throughout the nation and to all Chinese in the world. This is the best time for them to share the bountiful year that was and wish each other a better and more prosperous year ahead. In the tradition of giving gifts on Chinese New Year, a timely flower delivery Singapore from Little Flower Hut is an option. There are lots of gifts to choose from aside from the red envelopes. Little Flower Hut also a  24 hour Florist Singapore creates traditional and modern designs of Chinese New Year Hamper which are great for the joyful festivity and celebrations.

In the celebration of Chinese New Year, there are certain rules and tradition that set Chinese apart from other nation. Selecting gifts to give is more than just giving something for the sake of the occasion but something to wish everyone luck and fortune, as well as good health.

Basic Rules in giving Chinese New Year Hampers:

  • Colors

The Chinese people pay close attention to colors even on the gifts they give. When you choose to give CNY Hamper as your wishful gift to the family or individual, keep in mind that the colors of well wishes are red, gold, and yellow. They avoid white color because this is the color of funerals for the Chinese. Black and blue are also symbolic of death in the Chinese tradition. For a hamper delivery of fruits, wines, gourmets, and Chinese pastries, choose one with the colors of luck and prosperity.

  • Numbers

In terms of numbers, the luckiest number for the Chinese people is eight and the number to avoid is four. When you choose to give fruits, an assortment should be composed of eight fruits or eight pieces for each kind. Even in giving and receiving money on Chinese New Year, they follow this rule. Little Flower Hut one of the best florist in Singapore can guide you with the rules for a more positive gift giving on this special occasion.

  • Etiquettes

Chinese people are very traditional when giving and accepting gifts. If you are giving the whole family elegant Chinese New Year hamper, it is appropriate that the hamper is presented to the oldest family member. In case you included red envelopes in the Chinese New Year Hamper, they also expect that the bills are crisp and new. It is a sign of disrespect and negative attitude to give old notes and torn bills as gift, even if they are inserted in the red envelopes.

If you want to send something wonderful and bountiful to the person or family you love, or to a company or special business client, there are numerous assortments and designs of Chinese New Year hampers available at our Little Flower Hut flower shop. Sending the gift of hampers is a special way of celebrating the occasion and of telling the people you love that you care about them.

Popular Festive Chinese New Year Hampers

  • Festival Hamper

It is a popular choice when it comes to Chinese New Year hampers. The red color and the assortment of items are just perfect for sending warm wishes of luck and prosperity to the receiver. This Chinese New Year Hamper consists of a big red Japanese Flower Mushroom combined with assorted items like chocolates, dried fruits and nuts, cookies, teas, and gourmet. A florist delivery from Little Flower Hut of festival hamper on New Year’s Day is a special way of expressing your heartfelt wishes to a special person.

  • Classic Happiness Hamper

Celebrate the occasion with this Classic Happiness Hamper which contains different varieties of delicacies and treats. The hamper has some shortcakes made from pineapple, pudding, teas, chocolates, fruits and nuts, snacks, and a bottle of wine. This hamper is meant for a happy and pleasurable celebration of the occasion and festivity. Wishing them long life, prosperity, and fortune is more fun and unique with this happiness hamper. Little Flower Hut always keeps this classic design available year by year.

  • Delightful Gourmet Hamper

With a delightful gourmet hamper, you can greet your friends, loved ones, or relatives the warmest greetings on Chinese New Year. The festive holiday is more enjoyable when you have gourmet indulgence to share with the people you love. The assortments of gourmets include scallops, hairy moss, wine, gourmets, nuts, and dried fruits. The celebration will become more unique for the person you send this gift to, knowing that your choices of items in this delightful hamper are meant to wish them luck and fortune.

  • Signature Fruit Hamper

With a lovely and nutritious signature fruit hamper, you can greet your loved ones or family or relatives a fruitful and healthy year ahead on Chinese New Year. The fruit hamper comes with a set of assorted fruits in eight pieces of each kind or a total of eight assorted fruits for luck and prosperity. The CNY hamper will make the celebration more festive as well, because of the delicious fruits and of the wonderful packaging.

Among the fruits that you can pick for this hamper are oranges, grapes, pomelos, kuamquats, plums, and cow’s udder.

  • Luxury Chinese Hamper

A luxury hampers consist of sweet treats and delicacies like cookies, biscuits, chocolates, nuts, dried fruits, wines, and cans of scallops and mushrooms. For joyous celebrations and good luck wishes, this is the time to celebrate the Chines festivity together. This hamper can be sent to loved ones and family to anywhere in Singapore through Little Flower Hut. If you are away for the holiday season, you can still make the day more fun and exciting for them by sending a luxury Chinese New Year Hamper.

For Chinese New Year celebrations, Little Flower Hut florist offers a wide variety of flowers and flower arrangements symbolizing wealth and luck. There are also plenty of hampers filled with traditional Chinese delicacies and treats. The CNY hampers you give your loved ones on this special day bring them blessings of prosperity, wishes of good health, desires of happiness, and prayers of longevity, fortune, and luck. With each hamper, the whole family will have a wonderful delight to enjoy as they celebrate the festivity.