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Still working on your Christmas list? What do you give your family friends and loved ones in Singapore? Do you still need to shop for every single member of the family? Well, unless this has become a tradition and the little nieces and nephews are expecting it, you can order a Christmas wreath this year and have it delivered at the doorstep of your loved ones. That’s perfect. Now they can hang it right away at their door. Shop at Little Flower Hut Today!

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Send Christmas Wreath to Family and Friends

If you order early, you can save your friends time making their own Christmas wreath. This holiday wreath is not just for hanging on the door. There are unconventional yet trendy ways to display a wreath in your home. If you want decorations for a festive look this Christmas, wreaths make a great option if Christmas trees are too much. You can hang a wreath around a grandfather clock, above the foyer table, on windows, curtains, above cabinet doors, across a mirror, framed, as a centerpiece, above the garage door frame, across the upstairs windows, and along the front porch railing. The options are almost endless as to where you can place a Christmas wreath.

Your friends will surely be delighted when you arrange for a trusted flower delivery at their place. You can send the festive mood throughout their home with this holiday decoration.

How to Decorate Your Christmas Wreath?

What kinds of flowers look great on a Xmas wreath? Keep in mind that you can use real flowers and artificial flowers as well as Christmas balls, ribbons, and pine cones. There are many color options to consider too.

You can go from the usual red, green, and gold or go for tones of blue, purple, and pink. A snowy white Christmas wreath would also make a great holiday gift. Tiny white gypsophila flowers look striking against a dark door.

Roses look great on a wreath. From red roses to cream and pink roses, this flower will always look great as decorations. You can also choose from different shapes of wreaths including circle and even a star which is suitable for Christmas.

A Christmas wreath is not restricted to flowers though. You can also use cinnamon and oranges on your wreath. It would look and smell oh so nice for the holidays. Foliage is also becoming a trend as a rustic wreath. Order your Christmas wreath today and send them over the holidays. Now go ahead and tick off those names from your list. We’ve got you covered.

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