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A hydrangea bouquet for weddings and beyond

The hydrangea bouquet is the traditional 4th wedding anniversary flower. It is a romantic way of saying “I love you” to your spouse for making it through four years of marriage. You may also consider buying a kitchen appliance and having breakfast in bed to celebrate your four years of togetherness.

Hydrangeas are also popular in wedding bridal bouquets and wedding décor. From your wedding day to your wedding anniversary, you can certainly incorporate hydrangeas for your wedding party. It makes a statement on its own and lovely in a bouquet of mixed flowers. The star-shaped flowers are also stunning as a centerpiece.

Hydrangeas are sometimes used as engagement flowers too as they can convey the message of heartfelt emotion and gratitude. However, Victorian gentlemen also send hydrangeas to women who turn them down during a romantic proposal as a sign of coldness and heartlessness. There is also a superstitious belief that if you plant hydrangeas near the door, your daughters will never get married. Another negative impression of the hydrangea is that it signifies boastfulness and vanity as the plant produces magnificent flowers but only a few seeds.

The hydrangea hand bouquet is also popular as apology flowers. It is said this symbolism is carried on from Japan when ancient emperors gave hydrangeas to apologize to the family of the girl he loves for neglecting her.

Different colors of hydrangeas also carry different meanings. Consider this when ordering a hydrangea bouquet for your special someone. Pink hydrangea flowers resemble a beating heart and signify genuine emotion. A pink hydrangea bouquet is also appreciated as Just Because flower. Pink hydrangeas are most common in weddings and other romantic events.

A blue hydrangea bouquet sends a message of love and is given to ask for forgiveness or when turned down for a proposal or being the one to turn down the proposal. Be sure that your message won’t be misconstrued by writing a note with the blue hydrangeas.

White hydrangeas make for special happy birthday flowers. It is a symbol of abundance, purity, and grace. Finally, purple hydrangeas are meant for the fourth wedding anniversary along with pink hydrangeas. A purple hydrangea bouquet indicates a desire for a deeper understanding of your significant other.

So, whether you’re getting engaged, getting married, celebrating your wife’s birthday, or celebrating your 4th wedding anniversary, a hydrangea bouquet is perfect for the day. You can order your anniversary flowers from your local online florist in Singapore today.