Best Cheap & Gorgeous Single Stalk Sunflower Bouquet Below $50

Send a Sunflower Bouquet to your Friends in Singapore

Sunflowers are the universal happy flowers. It is a gift you can give to friends as it signifies loyalty and friendship.

Did you know that sunflowers exhibit heliotropism movement? This means that the face of the sunflower move towards the direction of the sun as it rises in the East and sets in the west.

Sunflowers are a reminder to lift our eyes to heaven and turn and face the sun. No matter how dark it seems everywhere else, the warmth and radiance of the sun will always be there.

When the day feels like everywhere clouds are hiding the sun and there are bad news one after the other reported throughout the day, a gift of a sunflower bouquet can be immensely appreciated.

It is a reminder that the recipient will always have a friend to turn to. They can always trust you and lean on your shoulder. You will be there to listen and to give a helping hand when they ask for it, sometimes even before they ask for it.

Your friends in Singapore will truly appreciate a bouquet of sunflowers. It is reminiscent of passing by a field of sunflowers. You will always want to take a photo of yourself with a sunflower beside you or surrounding you. It reminds us all to be happy.

When you stop to smell the roses, it makes you feel good. But when you stop and see the sunflowers, it makes you feel warm all over. There are so much happy vibes going on in every big stalk of sunflowers. Putting several stalks together in one bouquet is a happy pill on any day.

Does someone you know have a birthday coming up? Sunflowers make the great flower arrangement for a birthday! No matter how young or old you are, there is none that will refuse a flower bouquet of cheery sunflowers. It puts the happy in a birthday celebration no matter at what age the celebrant is celebrating.

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Perhaps it’s your parents’ anniversary? Sunflowers make the happy hand bouquet for a happy anniversary.

Sunflowers can also be added to a bouquet with different types of flowers. Just one stem makes a huge statement in the floral arrangement. If you’re thinking of adding sunflowers to a bouquet, you can order online on our website and expect sunflower flower delivery anywhere in Singapore. You can certainly make a friend or family member really happy with this huge surprise.