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Celebrate the Newborn with these Amazing Baby Full Month Gift in Singapore

Are you planning to attend your friend’s baby shower party? Then, don’t forget to pick a perfect baby shower gift to present to the new parents. With a Baby Hamper of amazing Baby Full Month gift, it is more than wonderful to come and celebrate with everyone. If you are attending one, here are some of the amazing baby gifts for baby shower that will make the celebration more extravagant:

  1. Night Lights

Night lights are one of the most essential items during nursing period. The new mom will surely need one in the nursery, in the bathroom, or on the bedside table. This is a perfect gift for any theme of baby shower party.

  1. Two in One Car Seat/Stroller

A baby car seat that can be used on travels and a stroller with integrated wheels, this two in one item is a nice gift for the baby. If you can afford its expensive price, this can be a useful baby shower gift you can give.

  1. Baby Alphabet Quilt

Made from 100% cotton and 100% poly-fill, a baby alphabet quilt is not just a quality item but a multi-functional one as well. It can be used for baby’s beddings and as educational item, too. It can be your perfect baby first month gift.

  1. Diaper Bag

Smart diaper bags nowadays are designed with several pockets inside and outside. They are intended to keep baby essentials organized and tidy, as well as for faster access. Most of the diaper bags can also be clipped onto a stroller for convenient carrying. This is a perfect baby gift to give on baby showers.

  1. Free Size Baby Swaddle

Swaddling has been used as an effective technique for baby care since the beginning of time. This smart way of wrapping the baby in a soft and comfortable and breathable cloth helps the baby feel secure and warm. It prevents the baby from being disturbed especially when startled by his own reflex. A baby gift set of baby swaddle is a perfect gift on baby shower party.

There are hundreds of amazing gifts to choose from and most of them are available at the flower shop Singapore. If you are planning to attend a baby shower party and you want to give the most useful gifts for the baby, these amazing gifts are just perfect. Buy Premium Baby Hamper now and shower the baby with your thoughtfulness and care.