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Shower Her with Love with Our Hand Bouquet Flower

For each occasion in her life, you can pick the most lovely hand bouquet to shower her with love. Sending your wife or girlfriend or sweetheart a flower bouquet is a thoughtful way to show and express your love. A special Flower Delivery can be sent to your special someone in different designs and colors on different occasions. Little Flower has a wide array of assortments of hand bouquets, including mixed blooms, exotic and wildflowers, large bouquets, and mini bouquets. Are you looking for something meaningful and splendid? Send a lovely and breathtaking hand bouquet for any special occasion today!

Send Beautiful Happy Birthday Bouquets for The Special Someone

We at Little Flower Hut offer a wide range of designs and selections for birthday flowers. There are the classic Love Blossom bouquets and Charming Delight designs. There are also large bouquets of Roses in monochromatic arrangement and mixed arrangement. Birthdays are a special day worth celebrating, and your special someone deserves the most beautiful hand bouquet for birthdays, we showcase specific flower for each month.

Birth Month-specific Flowers

  1. Carnation for January
  2. Violet for February
  3. Daffodil for March
  4. Daisy for April
  5. Lily for May
  6. Rose for June
  7. Larkspur for July
  8. Gladiolus for August
  9. Aster for September
  10. Marigold for October
  11. Chrysanthemum for November
  12. Poinsettia for December
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Fresh Flower Bouquets to Set a Smile on Your Wedding Anniversary

Each wedding anniversary requires a beautiful hand bouquet for the woman you love. In fact, anniversaries and flowers go hand-in-hand with each other. It does not matter how many years of wedding anniversary you celebrate, we have the perfect bouquet of flowers for you. You can choose to have the special bouquet delivered at your anniversary celebration, but it can be more meaningful and romantic for your wife if you will have the beautiful blooms delivered personally by you. For anniversary hand bouquets, you will never fail when you choose red or pink Roses because they symbolize love, sweetness, and romance. Yellow blooms, on the other hand, should be avoided on this occasion. There are specific flowers meant for the anniversary based on the year.

Year-specific flowers for an anniversary

  • Daisy for 5 years
  • Daffodil for 10 years
  • Rose for 15 years
  • Aster for 20 years
  • Iris for 25 years
  • Lily for 30 years

Bouquet That Set the Right Tone on your First Date

Bringing a handheld bouquet of flowers on the first date is a staple. Although it is considered obsolete in this modern age, it still leaves a fascinating impression if you will bring one on the first date, second date, third date, and so on. According to our florist’s expert, it is best to bring the flowers right to her doorstep so she could decide whether to bring along the bouquet to the date or leave it at home. Among the flowers ideal for dates are Orchids, Carnations, Tulips, Gerberas, and Dandelions.


Shop Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day flower are meant for romance and love, but we also offer different floral bouquets designed for friendship and platonic relationships. There are also flower bouquets specifically arranged and designed for the family or for mom and dad because flowers are still the best gift you can give them on Valentine’s Day. For blooming relationships, a hand bouquet of Lavender Roses is perfect because they simplify enchantment. For happily married couples, Roses are still the best choice. Aside from that, Tulips are symbolic of love and passion, and they are a perfect choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day bouquet.


Hand Bouquet of Flowers for the Best Mom in the World

Flowers are always the favorite option when giving gifts on Mother’s Day. A lovely hand bouquet on her special day will surely boost her mood and make her day brighter. You can have a fabulous bouquet of Pink Carnations for your mom to tell her or to express your gratitude and love, or you can give or send her Red Carnations to show her how much you admire her beauty, grace, and wisdom. You may also choose Pink Gerbera Daisies to cheer her up and bring joy and delight to her heart on this special day.


Hand Tie Bouquets for Any Holidays

Holidays and Christmas seasons are the best time of the year for flower gifting. People prefer to give and receive the gift of flower bouquets. If you are looking for better ways to send your warm and cheery holiday greetings and wishes to a special person or family, the gift of flower bouquets will never fail you. The three most popular flowers of the holidays are Red Poinsettias, Amaryllis, and Paperwhites. The flower shop has various designs fit for the occasion like holiday wreaths, Christmas Trees, table centerpieces, and many more. Check our florist online for beautiful arrangements of these flowers for your holiday gifting.


Flower Bouquets to Nurse You Back to Good Health

If you want to wish someone get well soon and healing from sickness, a thoughtful way is to send an appropriate hand bouquet. Whether the person is at home or at the hospital, the gift of flowers always makes the intention more effective. However, there are several limitations associated with flower gifting if you send flowers at the hospital. Based on hospital rules, flowers that are highly fragrant are not allowed as well as those with allergens. The right types of flowers with less fragrance are Tulips, Gladioli, and Irises. For delivery at home, you can send a bouquet of bright and vibrant flowers like Marigolds, Sunflowers, and Daisies because they are capable of lifting up the spirits and help the person improve her well-being.

Showering your girl or woman with love through the gift of flower bouquets can be easier and more meaningful when you know what flowers are best to pick. Moreover, we are here to help you with Flower Delivery in Singapore. The hand bouquets that you choose to give and send to special persons in your life will also be memorable if you meant it to shower them with love.