Diaper Cake Swaddle Me Girl Baby Shower Gift

The baby shower party is one of the most fun and also sentimental parties in any new parent’s life because it is more like a pre-birth celebration of their little new angel so they really look forward to throw this party and share these valuable and precious moments with their friends, family, colleagues and other loved ones.

All the participants of the party also like to make the event even more special for the parents to be and they join this party with all their best wishes for the couple but they also bring gifts both for the baby and sometimes for the mommy to be too.

They bring all kind of stuff like a journal, jewelry for the baby and mother, sonograms and also frames of photographs.

More recently it has been seen that diaper cakes are trending in baby showers and all the guests like to stand out in the crowd and like to amaze the parents with their creativity in the baby gift selection.

This cake includes all the baby essentials which are arranged in all types of shapes starting from car to airplane to Disney theme.

You can also have the option to customize these diaper cakes according to the party theme or according to baby’s gender if that is known.

There are many designs of diaper cakes out there and one of them is the swaddle me diaper cake. If you want to make the new mommy or the mommy to be to smile from ear to ear then you must consider this diaper cake.

This one diaper cake design is so unique and so cute that in no time it will definitely be the talk of any given baby shower party.

In this type of baby shower gift you have the option of making a swaddle me girl diaper cake or a swaddle me boy diaper cake. Both of these diaper cakes vary from each other in their appearance, color theme and the ingredients that are used to make them.

If your bestie is expecting a baby girl then you must go for a swaddle me baby girl diaper cake. This is such a unique gift idea that in absolutely no time it will be the talk of the town and everyone in the party will fall in love with the gift.

Now that you know that this is such a creative and amazing gift the next thing that you must be thinking is what stuff is required.

So below is a list of things that you need in order to make this diaper cake.

  • Generic size 1 diapers
  • Receiving blanket
  • Pacifier
  • Washcloth
  • Ribbons and other decorative stuff to design it


How to make this swaddle me girly diaper cake?

It is quite simple to make this swaddle me baby diaper cake. As you are making this for a little baby girl so first you need to make sure that you have all the stuff and the decorative things in girly theme.

It is better that in order to customize the diaper cake for a baby girl you choose a color theme that is pink, purple or red.

You can also go for color baby pink or maroon all these colors are quite cute and girly also.

  • Then the next thing is to take the diaper and roll it as tightly as possible and then roll this diaper tightly over the next one
  • Now roll all the other diapers in the same manner and secure all of them with the help of a cute rubber band in order to give it a nice touch.
  • Repeat the same step with the other pair of diapers and then hold both of the pairs together and then fill up the onesie with the diapers
  • This will become the body of the baby. Now roll the other diapers and secure them with the help of another rubber band.
  • Next thing you need to do is to find a spot between the diapers in order to put the pacifier and cover the top of this roll that is also going to be the baby’s head with a hat
  • Next part is just putting everything together and swaddling it in the blanket
  • Start this step by laying your blanket out in a diamond shape and folding it down the top point.
  • Take the head and then lay it on the flattened part of your receiving blanket and its quite good if you put some double sized tape on the very back of the hat in order to hold it in place and then push the body tight against the head.
  • You can also consider putting the double sided tape on the back of the onseie and that completely depends on your personal choice.
  • Swaddling is normally done tightly; you start it by pulling down one side, pull the excess over and then pull the bottom up tucking the excess below the right side and now pull the left side down and tug the excess across the baby’s body and tuck it under the fold created on the right side by the bottom.
  • Tuck all the access part in and your swaddle baby is ready to do.

Although it is suggested to use uniform color or gender-neutral color but you can also use printed diapers in order to give it a pleasant and attractive look.

Swaddle me baby diaper cake is a creative thing to do and it will send out the message to the parents that how hard you tried to give them something unique and completely unusual.