Budget-Friendly 5 Alternatives to Roses Valentine’s Day Flowers

Do you want to give a romantic bouquet but you want to skip on red or pink Roses this year? Perhaps you want to avoid the expensive price of Roses or you want to try other types of flowers to celebrate the season of love. Luckily, you have the florists to help you select the best types of flowers for a price you can afford. Here are 5 budget-friendly alternatives Valentine’s Day flowers too Roses:

1.     Carnations

Carnations are pretty flowers because of their fluffy ruffles and pastel colors. They are symbolic of love and emotions, making them a lovely option for Valentine’s Day flowers. Instead of Roses that are pricey and expensive in the market during this peak season, consider the beautiful delicate flowers of Carnations. If you are on a tight budget, this flower is budget-friendly, too. In red, white, or pink, the flowers of Carnations will make your Valentine’s Day flower gifting more romantic.

Moreover, Carnation is a versatile type of flower. You can use it as the focal flower for a stunning bouquet or mix it with other focal flowers. You can also pick a customizable design of a Carnation bouquet and create a unique floral arrangement for the woman you want to surprise on the day of hearts. With these affordable Valentine’s Day flowers, the celebration of love is meaningful.

2.     Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a fabulous flower that suits every joyful occasion. With its structure, colors, and shape that resembles the sun, it brings delight and cheerfulness to the recipient. Although this type of flower is not a typical romantic flower, it is appropriate for such a cheerful occasion and it is an alternative to Roses in terms of beauty, symbolism, and price. Also, if Sunflower is your spouse’s favorite flower, there is nothing better than this on Valentine’s Day.

Sunflowers symbolize adoration, too, and they are perfect if you want to express your love and adoration for someone who means so much to you on Valentine’s Day The best thing with affordable Valentines flowers is that they are affordable, too, and they come in a wide variety of colors, even red ones. Personalize a bouquet with the help of the florist and shower your loved one with sunshine on the celebration of love.

3.     Gerbera Daisies

As one of the cheapest Valentine’s Day flowers, Gerbera Daisies are another alternative flower for Valentine’s Day bouquet. They have bigger blooms compared to Roses, and the vibrant colors are sure to match the romantic occasion. Some Gerbera Daisies also come in a combination of colors, and that makes them a wonderful option if you don’t prefer a bouquet of mixed flowers.  They look perfect in a floral bouquet and floral arrangement, as well as in flower vases and baskets.

You can afford a florist delivery on Valentine’s Day for your wife and for your family.  They bloom during the late winter month and before the spring season, just in time for the Valentine’s Day season. Gerbera Daisies are budget-friendly, too. Even a dozen stems, in single color or in a mixture of colors, will fit your budget for this annual celebration of love.

4.     Peonies

Peonies are beautiful and fragrant flowers, and you can use them as an alternative flower to Roses on Valentine’s Day. The fluffy petals and the natural scent provide a charming option for your gift of flowers. They symbolize a happy marriage and good fortune, which is why a bouquet of Peonies is ideal on this special occasion. The Greeks regard this flower as the flower of love and beauty, while to others, they are meant for prosperity and luck.

If you want affordable flowers for Valentine’s Day, you will never get disappointed with the flowers of Peonies. When you send them to your girlfriend or wife on the day of hearts, you are giving her a bashful bouquet that expresses romance. Ask your florist for assistance if you want to create a unique floral design or if you want to personalize the most special Valentine’s Day flower for the most special woman in your life.

5.     Ranunculus

Ranunculus or Buttercups are dazzling flowers for Valentine’s Day. The attractive swirly petals make any floral bouquet look fascinating, especially in pastel colors. The flowers are also available in deep and rich colors of red and pink, making this type of flower suitable for a romantic occasion as Valentine’s Day.  They can easily brighten up a room and uplift the mood of the recipient.

Ranunculus is also symbolic of romantic celebrations. You will never want to miss this charming flower on Valentine’s Day. When you send a bouquet of Ranunculus to the woman you love, it conveys how much you are attracted to her. Whether you want to surprise her with a florist delivery on your Valentine’s Day date or you want to bring the bouquet personally, you will love the cheap and affordable price of Ranunculus as an alternative flower to Roses.

The flower shop has a wide array of beautiful and meaningful flowers that suit the celebration of love. From the traditional red Roses to pink flowers, the florist has the largest collections of flowers to offer, especially if you want other types of flowers other than Roses. Even in your tight and limited budget, you can expect to afford the most romantic bouquets for the woman you love.  Have one delivered at her doorstep on Valentine’s Day and let her feel your Valentine greetings that are full of love and romance.