Tips for Keeping Christmas Wreaths and Greens Fresh for Longer

Christmas is a big event for the Christian, they celebrate the event with great happiness. They celebrate this event by decorating the greens trees and hanging the wreaths on the walls. It feels them fresh and joyful. Hanging Christmas Wreaths at the front door of your house on a Christmas is a tradition of Christian. In Christianity, Wreaths represent Christ. These Wreaths are decorated with bows and ribbons, ornaments, berries, and pinecones.

Christmas is celebrated in December, as it is a cold and dry month. So, decorating the trees and wreaths and keep them fresh for a long time is difficult. As it is difficult but not impossible. If you follow the tips, then you can keep your greens and wreaths fresh. Many Online florist shops provide many beautiful and fresh Christmas greens and wreaths. They provide the facility that you can order at any time at any place.

8 tips for keeping Christmas wreaths and greens fresh for longer.


Use the Freshest Greens You Can Find

The most important tip, you must use the freshest greens and flowers. It is the first and starting step for keeping your greens and wreaths fresher for a longer time. You must have to make sure that you have to buy greens in surplus. Keep one thing in your mind, you must have to select the greens that have bright and vivid color. These greens also have the strongest fragrance. So, that wreaths create perfect and can be used for a longer time for Christmas.

Soak Up Your Greens

If you want your greens to keep them going for a longer period of time. Then you must soak all the greens for almost 24 hours or a day before using them. By soaking for a day will help the greens to retain the moisture. It is required to keep the green use for a longer. As moisture is the perfect and best retainer and friend of the Christmas greens. So, you have to be very careful that you give your greens a soak for a day.

Mist Your Greens

At least once a day, you have to give water to your greens from a mister. You have to be a bit careful while misting the greens that have artificial berries or the lighted greens. This is due to the fact that color run and can ruin the arrangements of the greens. So, you have to be very careful during misting the greens. Also, make sure that you do not over mist the greens.

Water Fresh Greens

You have to make sure that you have to change the water very often if the greens in water or an oasis. You have to be careful, keep the water clean. Also, you have to just use plain water. After much research, it is proved that adding things do not affect the longevity of fresh-cut greens like corn syrup, sugar, many commercial supplements, or Clorox.

Keep Greens Away from Sunlight and Direct Heat

You have to keep your greens away from the direct sunlight and heat. As direct sunlight and heat both are not good for the cut Christmas greens. Heat and sunlight will burn and dry all the greens. Greens will be going longer if it has moisture. If greens are kept away from the heat and direct sunlight, then fresh cut greens will remain fresher for longer.

Outdoor Greens Last Longer Than Indoor

As our homes are dry and warm, if you keep your greens indoors, then your greens will not last long. As heat sucks all the moisture of your greens. So, you have to keep your greens outdoor for the last longer. And they will remain fresher for a longer period of time. You can also keep your greens inside, but then you have to make sure that they are misted and have had a good soak.

Touch Up or Replace Tired-Looking Greens

If you see any dried greens in your wreaths, then you have to replace them with fresh greens. You can also replace it if you have fresh greens in your home for longer than two weeks, but these greens might be in the water. Otherwise, you can also order fresh greens from an online florist shop at any time at your doorstep. You must avoid leftover greens as they will also dry up soon. So, use fresh greens in wreaths and if you see any dried greens, then replace them.

Use an Antitranspirant!

The antitranspirant spray is a special spray that is used to keep the greens last longer. An antitranspirant coats the needle and leaves of your greens in order to trap down the moisture in them. You can use an antitranspirant on Christmas wreaths and other flower arrangements to keep them last longer fresher. This spray is available in different florist shops. You can also order this spray from online florist shops at your doorstep at any time.

Final Words

Flowers are delicate some last longer for weeks or some last longer for days. And flowers need more care to keep them fresher for a longer period of time. Christmas is celebrated in December. As December is a cold and dry month. So, the Christmas arrangements are full of greens and wreaths. We have to take more care the keep them fresher for a longer period of time. The tips are mentioned above, if you follow these tips, then your wreaths and greens can be last fresher for a longer period of time on the special event of Christmas. While decorating the wreaths and greens, many other Christmas ornaments are also included. These kinds of decorations with greens and flowers make the holiday of Christmas magical. These wreaths are hanged on the walls or in the front door and welcome the outsider. You can arrange the Christmas by yourself. Otherwise, you can also order the wreaths and greens, and other flowers for Christmas from the online florist shop at your doorstep at any time.