10 Best Features to Install in Your Flower Delivery Van

Buying a new van for a flower delivery business costs you a lot of fortune, but even after buying it, you need to upgrade it to your requirements as most of the vehicles are not made especially for flower delivery. They need some features, these features are helpful in ensuring a safe delivery, cost management and many other factors that are related to the flower delivery business.


Below I have prepared a list of 10 essential features that your flower deliver van must have:


Floral Deliver Ease:

The main purpose of purchasing a van for the delivery of flowers is to make it convenient. So, it should be your priority to consider while choosing any feature for your van. Flower delivery ease is made for that purpose. It is one of the best stabilizers in the flower industry, came into being in 1986. It comes with a stable and motionless one-piece arrangement made up of durable polyurethane foam. It has a 4 inches hole for bud vases, 5 inches hole for larger vases, and 6 inches hole for fresh containers and plants. Despite being very lightweight, it also comes with proper space between all the flower arrangements. It is reusable, shock-absorbent and its foam material are water-resistant. This the first thing you should consider after purchasing a flower delivery van.


Refrigeration system:

If you deliver through long distances and still want your flowers to be fresh and fragrant, you should consider installing the refrigeration system in your van. I know what you are thinking! Yeah, I have a good air conditioner in my van, there is no need to bother any refrigeration system at all. Now I have to ask you a question. If you are very thirsty, will you go and drink some water or go in front of an AC and have some fresh air? You will have some water, right? The same is the case with flowers. AC can make their environment pleasant but what saves them from losing their essence is a refrigeration system. Because the optimal temperature for flowers to maintain their freshness and make a living is 32-35 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be only maintained by the refrigeration system. And you don’t have to worry if there is no refrigeration system in your van. You can purchase it from any local shop. These are also available on a lot of online selling websites like Amazon, Alibaba, etc. All you need is to do a little bit of research and purchase it!


Stabilizer rod to hold flowers:

If you are someone who gets more orders from the rural areas or your business is in some underdeveloped areas, you would have issues about the unconstructed roads. Your flowers are going to split all the way around and it will only make them less adorable and even an unsatisfied customer. You don’t want that at any cost. Well, we have a solution for that. You just need to look for a simple flower holding rod and place your flowers in it. And there you go! It’s all done. Also, for showing up your creativity and taste, you can add a lot of styles to your flower holding rods. It might be Greek Goddess holding flowers or just a Violin with a flower at the end. All up to your taste!


Secure Shelving:

You would need some room to place your flowers that also showcase your amazing work. For this, you will need to create small shelves in your van that are not only charming but also secure enough to hold flowers and not letting them fall. These shelves should be attached to the longest wall side of your car to maintain the decorum and should have some secure fixations to hold the flowers. Make sure they look clean and tidy because, for any outsider, they represent you!


Rubber Mats for Floor:

While decorating the walls and beautifying the outsides, don’t forget the floor. After all, everything stands on that! The floor of your van needs some rubber mats. It protects against grease, water, oils, and fluids. In your van, you often have to face this type of material and you don’t want your customer to feel that you are untidy. Also, they are made up of heavy-duty rubberized material that helps reducing stress.


GPS Navigation System:

If you get a lot of orders and from a lot of places, you probably fear getting lost. Because no human is talented enough to know all the routes to all the destinations, the internet is! The GPS navigation tool is a must-have system for any business van. It uses GPS satellite technology to find your current location, and suggest the best and shortest path to a particular destination. It provides visual as well as audible directions to the driver. Say no to the fear of getting lost!


Sliding Doors:

Probably your van came with a sliding door. If not, no need to worry, you can always install it. It makes loading and unloading easier.


Protections for Centerpieces:

Of you also deliver the centerpiece in your van, you need some extra arrangements. The centerpiece is often giant, delicate, and difficult to handle. You have to follow a whole procedure to protect them. Firstly, put them into boxes and fix them with some soft material like foam or paper inside the box. Then load this box on the van carefully. These boxes are an absolute necessity!


Drawers and Bins for small flowers:

There must be some little flowers which don’t get a lot of your attention. Well, they also require a place for them! Make sure that your car has some drawers and bins to place those tiny things. This will not let them disappear at the time of need and causing tensions.


Ramp for loading and unloading:

You would need some ramp to load/unload flowers. After all, you can’t just throw them out of the van and break your creations! A ramp is very necessary for any delivery van. It will also make you look more professional.