Why flowers are the connection to a woman’s heart?

In addition to being such stunningly beautiful creatures and a pleasure to the eyes, the flowers also have a specialty to themselves. That specialty of conquering over a woman’s heart! The melting of heart that can be hard even with the designer bags, shoes, and clothes, sometimes it is just one flower away from you. Yes! Deep down, your lady is waiting for this surprise. But you ever wondered why a woman is so attached to flowers? Why a single tiny and vibrant entity is such a mood changer for her? If you are the one who is always confused about it and then you blame it on the complicated nature of the creature female, then I will say hold on! And have a read to the text below:


Every Woman Loves flowers:

A woman is made up of color and delicacy; so, does a flower! She loves the things that match her inner self. This is why she is in close contact with flowers that represent her soul.  Because a woman is born with a love for flowers, she carries the inherited love with herself throughout her life. No matter what is her age, whether she is 60 years old or just turned 16, age will always love to receive flowers. Why? Because that is in her nature, that is in her way of creation. It is also because she associates your passion for her with it. You can buy her the whole Versace closet but she would not be happy with the materialist approach you have made. On the other hand, all you need is to just step out of the car, go to the flower shop there and buy her a flower of $1. She will be as happy as you bought her the whole universe. The reason is simple. Her nature! That is everything.


Flowers have meanings:

Ever given a flower to your classmate in high school and she just said that you are jealous of her? Well, that is what has happened to us all sometimes in our lives. Pink is happiness while yellow is joy and friendship. Red is pure love while white is purity and innocence. We are not sure whether nature also meant that but we, human beings, surely have some symbols associated with these flowers.

Lily symbolizes beauty, it surely does. What else we associate with a white fairy floating over the running water?

Lavender symbolizes the grant of all the unaccomplished wishes. Why not? Isn’t lavender itself a grant of a wish. A wish for an ultimate and mallow pleasure of the eyes?

Hydrangea symbolizes gratitude. The gratitude of its existence. Something we must be grateful for.

And the King of flowers, Rose. It symbolizes love. The greatest feeling ever existed in the history of human beings. The love of one human being to other human beings and also the love of God of each human being in the form of a rose.

When all these flowers have such amazing meanings, why a woman finds no reason to love them?

Post Script: jealousy? No, we can’t associate these evil feelings with such beautiful creatures. Maybe someone hated the yellow rose. Or maybe someone hated the person who was giving this. God knows!


Flowers carry emotions:

It is mother day and a little kid appears in the room and hugs her mom saying happy Mother’s Day mom. This is where feelings are. And this is where flowers are

A baby girl just scored the first position in her class and as soon as she leaves the classroom, her brother ran towards her to congratulate. That is where feelings are. And that is where flowers are.

The lady of your dreams is sitting in front of you and waiting for you to complete the most important sentence of your and her life so she can small to her fullest. That is where feelings are and that is where flowers are.

No matter what kind of emotions they are, they are always expressed well with the help of flowers and the happiness those flowers throw away in the atmosphere. If you want to express any of your emotions, pick a flower expressing your true self, and give it away. The lady of your life is going to be impressed anyway.


Flowers have the power to attract a woman:

Who doesn’t want the pleasing things for eyes? And when it comes to a woman she’s so attracted to nature and colors. The flowers represent nature at its best. They are the little cute presents by God to humanity. One can easily get attracted to them and the woman is the one who associates the true beauty and femininity with flowers. Also, researches have shown that woman are more likely to get attracted to anything that has a beautiful color. Now we have s scientific reason for it. Those beautiful pastels are the reason for their attraction towards flowers.


Flowers are a way to express your feelings to her:

The most important thing in a woman’s life is emotions and sentiments. Yes of course she’s attracted toward flowers, and yes, she knows that the red rose is a symbol of true love. But what is most important to her is that she knows when you give the red flower to her, you have true feelings for her. She associates that flower with your love and it is the major reason for her to love flowers. The association of emotions with anything always gives rise to beauty. Whether it is flowers, or chocolates, or Teddy bears. She doesn’t love any of these things separately. She loves it because she associates your feelings with things like that. That is what makes the flower shops the most emotional point of the world.

So, these were our reasons why women are so much attracted to flowers and why is it necessary for a man to win her heart.