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Are you planning to give or send your mom the gift of flowers on Mother’s Day? For this special day, one option is the Flower Delivery Singapore. With the best floral arrangements created by the 24 Hour Florist Singapore, flower gifting can be more fun and enjoyable, as well as meaningful. When you send flowers to your wife, mom, and mother-in-law, you can choose the local flowers of Singapore whether for floral arrangements or potted plants. Here are the most popular local flowers of Singapore and why they are a perfect choice of Mother’s Day Flowers:


When it comes to local flowers of Singapore, Orchids are the most popular ones. The hybrid specie of Orchids is the national flower of Singapore. This is the Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid, which was named after Miss Agnes Joaquim. Hard and resilient, a potted plant of Orchids is a perfect flower gift for moms on Mother’s Day. You can have a florist delivery of this plant to each of your aunts and grandmothers to show them your appreciation. They are a great flower to give to mothers because of symbolism and qualities of flowers.


This type of flower is very common in Singapore and it is available in different colors. Giving your mother a hand bouquet of this flower is a unique way of giving gift on this special day. They are best to give because they make the occasion more joyful. You can also give this flower as potted plant, which can be transferred and planted at the garden at home or in the office. There are also other ways to make this beautiful and colorful flower into flower gifts. Your local florist in Singapore can help you with that.


The flowers of Hibiscus are also perfect for the occasion. You can give this flower as gift to your mother because it has a pretty color and structure. The online florist may have resources on where to get supplies of this type of flower for your flower gifting on Mother’s Day. Let the florist online help you with your flower gifting on this special day and see how you can turn the occasion more fun and memorable for your mom.

Flowers are the best way to give honor and appreciation to your dearest mom. Aside from these beautiful local flowers of Singapore, there are also a wide variety of flowers that your florist can source out from other suppliers around the world. This Mother’s Day, you can choose to pair the flowers with other gift items that are sure to surprise your mom. The florist in Singapore offers them for a price that is within your budget. Choose from these awesome gift ideas:

Greeting Cards

Whether you personally made the card or you bought one from the store, giving your mother a card full of meaningful and thoughtful messages will make them feel appreciated. This is just one day of appreciating the best mother for all the days she dedicated her life to teach and inspire you and your siblings but you can make it a day she will never forget.

Special Gift Items

There are hundreds of gift items available at the flower shop. With the help of the florist, you can find the right items to give to your mother to show her how much you appreciate her hard work. A lovely frame of pictures of your family can be very special and a book about her hobbies or about the things she is interested in can also be a perfect choice.

Personalized Gifts

You can also choose to give her personalized gifts like paper flowers, hand made bags, hand-printed wall decorations, and many more. Get ideas online or from the florists, in case you want to know more unique ideas for Mother’s Day gifting.

Boxes of Chocolates

Chocolates are an all-time favorite and you will give your mom such a delight when you give this gift. There are different brands and flavors of boxes of chocolates available at the flower shop Singapore. Choose the flavor and brand that your mom likes most. The florist also provides flower bouquets to match and pair the boxes of chocolates, and they make a special gift for all the mothers who touched your heart and inspire your life.

Cakes and Cupcakes

The florist in Singapore also has special supplies of cakes and cupcakes for the Mother’s Day celebration. These cakes and cupcakes are specifically designed to give your mom something to munch on, as well as something to feel loved and embraced with sweetness. She can even share it with her friends who are also mothers as they celebrate Mother’s Day together.

Cushion or Pillow

A cushion or small pillow is an awesome gift idea to give your mom on Mother’s Day. This item can be useful everyday in the office or at home on her chair in the kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and in the cars. You can also ask the florist for personalized design of cushion or pillows for your mom, or for the color and prints she wants.

Coffee Mugs

Printed or not, coffee mugs are an awesome way to give gifts to your mom on Mother’s Day. You can even have mugs filled with candies or chocolates or some stems of flowers for this special occasion. The online florist Singapore has a wide array of designs, colors, shapes, prints, and sizes to choose from when it comes to sending coffee mugs to your mom.


Printed colorful balloons are a great way to express to your mom that Mother’s Day is one big special day for her. The balloons will surely make them feel special and appreciated, knowing that you and your family appreciate the efforts and hard work she gives everyday. Some balloons are printed with meaningful quotes and messages while some can be customized with a print of her image or picture.

With all the local flowers of Singapore and awesome gift ideas to choose from, sending and giving your mom the best gift is a thoughtful gesture. The Flower Delivery Singapore of these gifts will make the Mother’s Day celebration more special.