How to Give Flowers like a Victorian Gentleman?

In the era of Victorians, flowers were basically used to convey messages that could not be spoken or described in words. In what was considered as silent dialogue flowers were mostly used to say yes or no.

If the right hand was used to hand over the flowers it was considered as yes and if the left hand was used then it was considered as a no message.

Victorian gentlemen are basically used in giving flowers to the most special woman in your life. Victorian gentlemen ensure that every flower in a given bouquet is chosen carefully so that it is used to express the exact feelings and also love for the girl of their dreams.

In the times of Victorian age, each flower was used to signify a particular emotion and they were packed with extreme care and after doing thorough research and now these meanings are used in the floral industry to make floral arrangements and bouquets more special and full of emotions.

Mostly if you look around you will find that women complain the men who are in their lives are not romantic enough and they really don’t care about them.

But the fact is that not every man is expressive some men find it hard to find a meaningful gift for their lady. They normally go for lavish dinners and expensive jewelry which women find boring.

Wondering how to impress the woman in your life? Well there is a far better way to impress the girl of your life without opening your mouth or spending lots of money.

Just be a Victorian gentleman and give her flowers and she is all yours.


How to be a Victorian Gentleman?

Well that is not a rocket science all you have to do is little research and you are good to go. Like I said that each flower represents a specific message and all you have to do is just find out the meaning behind each flower type and its color.

If you do that then at first she might not get what is so special about the bouquet and the flowers in it but when you will explain about the meaning behind each flower then she will for sure feel the romance and will definitely appreciate your efforts behind choosing the overall bouquet.

Below are some of the flowers and the meaning behind them

Red tulips: Red tulips are used to symbolize passion and also for the declaration of love

Yellow tulips: These are given when you want to tell your special girl that you see sunshine in her smile and want to be with her for all your life so that you can see it every single day.

Sunflower: When a tall sunflower is given to a person then it is used to signify haughtiness and on the contrary when a dwarf sunflower is given then it is used to describe adoration.

Rosemary: Rosemary is given when you want to tell your girl that you are pretty much remembering her and missing her a lot.

Red Rose: This color and this flower is considered to be the boss of every flower and when it comes to express your feelings for your loved one then there is absolutely no replacement of red rose. It is used to signify that how much you love and adore the girl of your life.

Dark crimson rose: On the contrary, this color is used for mourning. When someone is in sorrow and is mourning especially when someone has lost a dear one then these are given. Dark crimson roses are ideal funeral flowers.

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses are used when you want to express jealousy or decrease in your love or even fidelity. You can express such negative emotions without saying anything with just one yellow rose.

White rose: White rose is used to represent purity and worthiness if you want to tell someone that you are worthy of them then these flowers are must have.

Lotus flower: It is flower of purity, enlightenment and also rebirth.

All these flowers along with their color hold a very distinct message from the other. So it is very important to read about their messages and then to finalize the flowers that you actually wants to gift to your girl.


When to gift flowers?

Now that you know the meaning behind each of the flowers in the Victorian era which still persist in the floral industry the next thing you need to know is when to gift flowers to a girl.

Just like that

I mean, do you even need an occasion or a reason to give flowers to your girl? The answer is no right? So give her flowers whenever you want to see her beautiful smile.

Because more than any other expensive gift girls love to receive flowers as a gift so the moment you will give her you will notice her beautiful smile.

Valentine’s Day

This is one of the most important days in any couple’s life. It is a day of celebration and expressing love so give her one of the best and most meaningful floral bouquets.

Choose any flower from the above list and make a bouquet to tell her what she means for you and how important she is in your life.


Birthday is also an important day especially for girls who love to celebrate their birthdays. So go for a beautiful floral bouquet and make her fall in love with you all over again.

Now that you know the meaning behind flower, be a Victorian gentleman and surprise your girl with the most beautiful floral bouquet.