Local Flower Shop vs Online Flower Delivery: Which Suit You Better?

Flower delivery has been one of the best ways to get high-quality flowers. Whenever you need flowers to send a gift to loved ones on special days or to use as a home or office decorations, you are fortunate to have not only one option, which is the traditional local flower shop but online flower delivery, too. The local florist and online florist both offer benefits in flower shopping depending on your needs and on the situation. Visiting a local flower shop allows you to see the flowers personally while shopping online provides convenience. Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing a local flower shop or online flower delivery:


Advantages of Shopping Flowers by visiting a Local Flower Shop:

  • Shopping is More Personal

Visiting the local flower shop allows you to personally choose a bouquet of flowers for the celebrant. Since the local shops are positioned on every corners of the town, personally going there will never take much of your time. Depending on the message you want to convey or on the greetings you want to say, it is easier to send the right flowers if you see them personally. In addition, the local florist can give personal advice on what type of flowers are best to pick for the occasion.

  • Shopping is More Economical

The local economy benefits a lot when people support local businesses. Local farmers and flower growers get the chance to earn more for their family whenever people patronize local flower delivery. Aside from being economical, or more budget-friendly, local florists offer all the best local flowers that are richly abundant season by season.

  • Shopping is More Basic

Local shops deliver only the freshest blooms that are more vibrant in color, more scented, and more durable. This is because local farmers grow them with proper care and natural resources. Basically, there is no need to check for hidden charges when you shop flowers from a local florist. The flowers are usually supplied by local farmers, and that means there is no transportation expense to be prorated on top of the costs of flowers.

However, local florists also have direct access to flower suppliers from other regions and farmers abroad. So if you want international blooms, they can easily find the best suppliers to meet your needs.


Disadvantages of Shopping Flowers by Visiting a Local Flower Shop:

  • Waiting in Line to Shop for Flowers is Not Convenient

One disadvantage of shopping for flowers through a local florist is that you have to wait in line for your turn, and that is more time-consuming. It will be more frustrating to find out that the flowers you want are no longer available when it is your time in the line.

  • Traveling to the Local Flower Shop Is Necessary

Shopping flowers at the local shop will require you to travel whether by bicycle, by car, or by walking. If you don’t have the luxury of time to go out during office hours to buy flowers, local flower shopping can be very frustrating.


Advantages of Shopping Flowers through the Online Florist:

  • Online Flower Shops are Accessible Anytime

The convenience of online flower shopping is an advantage, especially if you are in urgency. Online florists offer same day flower delivery, which is not available at any local shops. They are also accessible anytime you want to place an order. By simply browsing the net and checking the website, even at the comfort of your home, you can access the site and order the flowers for delivery. Shopping for flowers using your computer, mobile phones, and gadgets is now the new trend.

  • There are Large Selections of Flowers Available Every Day

Whether for birthdays, anniversary, graduation, get-well bouquets, and any day flower gifting, the online florists never run out of supplies. This is because of the connections and networks the florists are working with locally and internationally.

  • Prices are Flexible

Depending on the design and number of flowers, prices of online flower delivery may vary. You can get the bouquet you afford or use vouchers and discounts to afford the price of the bouquets you prefer. The online florists normally give discounts to loyal customers, especially to customers on subscriptions.

  • Shopping for Less Expense

Online shopping for flowers is less expensive. This is because you do not have to travel and use any mode of transportation. You only need to open your device and connect to the internet to find the flower shop online and start your shopping. You will save time, money, and energy.


Disadvantages of Shopping Flowers through the Online Florist:

  • Flowers May Not Arrive On Time

One disadvantage of online flower delivery is that you don’t know the exact time the flowers will arrive. So if you are planning for a big surprise, it may need you to adjust your time until the flower delivery arrives.

  • Flowers May Not Arrive in the Arrangement You Expected

The biggest frustration in ordering flower delivery online is that the flower bouquet you are expecting to arrive is far from the one you ordered. Some online florists fail to notify customers about the order before it arrives.

  • Flowers May Arrive Wilted

Because of the long drive or even transportation by air, flowers may no longer be in good condition and quality when they arrive. If the online florist is not connected with any of the local florists in your area, it means that your flower delivery is shipped from other regions or countries.

Shopping for flowers whether through local florists or online florists has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to maximize the flower delivery, consider this information and think twice before you place your orders.