Should You Tip the Flower Delivery Guy?

The ultimate question that stumps everybody is whether they should tip a flower delivery or not. The first thing that comes into your mind when tipping is bartender or waiter or even the counter from your favorite local fast food restaurant. But you may not realize that there are other professions that call for tipping too and one of them is flower delivery. There are some people who know how to tip and others who still don’t know and just completely forget about tipping. But when a situation calls for you to tip a flower delivery, here are the guidelines that you should remember.

Should you tip for a flower delivery?

Some people find it weird to tip someone when in fact it’s part of their job to deliver the goods to you. In other words, it’s part of their job description and they are actually paid by their bosses to do it. While others would disagree that they should be given tip who provides the services for them and pay between $2 to $5. Some even pay higher than that especially if it’s a big size. But really, it is all up to the person if he should give or not.

There is such thing as a customary amount of tipping in some situations and availing flower delivery service is not an exception. Usually, you give a tip of 10 to 20% at a restaurant, you can expect to tip a few when flowers arrive at your doorstep. If you order a larger bouquet, the greater the tip that you should give. But one thing that you should always remember is that if you received flowers as a gift and you didn’t order it personally, it is always a good idea to tip the delivery person as a polite gesture.

There is another situation wherein you ask the delivery guy to do something that’s not already part of their job. For example, when you ask the delivery guy to carry the flowers for you and bring it several flights of stairs or ask them to brave the cold winter just to deliver the bouquet to you, then you should really give a tip.

Another scenario that you should give tip to the flower delivery is when you request to deliver the flowers on big floral holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s day. It is usually on those seasons that they are very busy, so tipping them is actually a good thing to thank them for their hard work.

shop single stalk rose bouquetWho Should Tip

You shouldn’t feel compelled to top especially when your flowers are delivered. You don’t have to stumble looking for your purse and ruin the magical moment of receiving fresh flowers. It is really not necessary to give a tip to the delivery driver because after all, they are a gift. However, there are situations that a tip may show that you appreciate the delivery driver for doing a great job.

If you are giving a bouquet or flower arrangement to someone, then you should be the one giving the tip. The receiver of the flower shouldn’t feel obligated to tip because after all, those are a gift. And pretty sure you don’t want to make someone pay for a gift they are receiving.

 Are you supposed to tip a flower delivery person?

Most people would agree that it is definitely required to give tip to your flower delivery especially if you are delivering large sizes of flowers. In that case, you should give at least $5 to $10  tip. Tipping, after all, is a gesture of gratitude. So one way of expressing your gratitude towards your flower delivery is by giving tip. However, if you are not quite sure if you should give tip or not, you can always approach your florist and ask about tipping. Pretty sure, she will be able to give you good ideas about tipping the flower delivery.

Rush Orders

There are people who send flowers on the last minute especially if you want to send something in response for a celebration or remorse. Luckily, there are a lot of flower or garden shops who offer rush orders or same-day delivery services. However, rush orders and same-day delivery are likely more expensive because of extra labor. A florist is required to assemble a bouquet and deliver it immediately so you will likely pay more as compared when you order ahead of time.

One thing that you should remember also is to be mindful of the busy season. If you order on the afternoon of Valentine’s day, you may be out of luck. But if you were able to get bouquet on that day, it is kind and considerate for you to tip the flower delivery.

On the other hand, when you are ordering your flowers online, specify in their website how your flowers should be delivered. Some flower shop sites offer places to request special instructions on how you want your flower to be handled.

When Not to Give a Tip

If the flower or garden shop has already incorporated a service fee on the price of the flowers that they deliver, then there is no need for you to give a tip. In fact, in an interview published on the U.S News and World Report website, they do not encourage tipping to the person who delivered your flowers.

It is considered showing good manners if you tip anyone who’s doing the things for you or assisting you in some way even if it is already part of their job description.