10 Biggest Mistakes Guys Make When Buying Flowers

It can be a little tricky for your partner to buy flowers for you. However, you do not like your flowers to be wrong because girls consider no flowers better than receiving bad flowers. If the blooms you receive from your guy are not always the ones he ordered from the florist shop, there can be some mistakes along the way. So, why does it happen?

How can you stop yourself from making big mistakes while ordering a bunch of flowers? So, we tracked down some of the biggest mistakes that guys make when buying flowers for their girls online and how they can fix these issues. So, let’s have a look at some of the biggest mistakes guys make when buying flowers!


  1. Do not always go for roses

Think of something original and discard the roses for good. Roses are the staple bouquet of flowers that you can gift to your girl but you have to be more original. It is a misconception with boys that just because roses are expensive, they will always be well received. It is not right. Unless roses are the favorite flowers of your girl, she will think that you chose the easiest option available. Thus, it is better to take something that she really admires.

If you have no idea about her favorite blooms, then go for traditional choices like roses but do not opt for cliché colors, such as red. You can go for pink roses. However, do not underestimate the crispness of peach or the purity of white. Yellow roses are perfect for bringing a smile on your girl’s face.


  1. Give flowers of her favorite color

When you have no clue about what her favorite colors are, there is no need to take risks by sending random flowers. You can give your girl flowers of her favorite color. So, go to a professional florist and they will be able to assemble a beautiful bunch with some flowers of her favorite color. This way you will be saved from spending on useless flowers.


  1. Add a flower vase

Many boys do not realize that when their girls get flowers, they are often delivered in the box. Definitely, not all women will be excited about a box full of battered flowers. So, you have to look for florists online that deliver flowers with a container, pot, or a vase.

This way, these lovely flowers can be displayed instantly for everyone to see. This looks prettier than getting flowers in a box. Or else, you can add an optional vase to your order. This additional cost will make a huge impact on the first impression on opening the box.


  1. Plan ahead

The one mistake that every guy commits is to order flowers online without planning ahead. They always order a bouquet last minute and expect the best. While most florists will be able to take your order, leaving the order until the last minute could increase the possibility of being let down.

Or else, you need to incur extra delivery charges for getting the flowers there on time. Florists may not have any delivery slots left for the day or they may have limited stock of the bunch that you want, which means you would not receive the pick of that bouquet. So, plan ahead and order flowers in time for ensuring satisfaction and quality!


  1. Leave up to professionals

If you are not sure about what flowers your girl will prefer, then do not just purchase a bouquet at random. In that case, you have to talk to the professionals. Florists know what they are doing and if you approach them with a favorite color, they will be able to make you a tasteful bunch of flowers for your girl. Also, they will ensure that there is a balance in the bunch that can stop the present looking overbearing.


  1. Add a card with a beautiful message

Choosing the flowers is not the only thing that you have to worry about but there is also a need to ensure that they are accompanied by the perfect gifts. You can add a card with a beautiful message.

You may assume that the flowers are enough but women are a bit sentimental and a cute piece of card with some words scribbled on it will change a simple bunch into something remarkably spectacular. Do not go for something poetic but inscribe your feelings.


  1. Add other things

If you do not want to send a not, then look for other things that you can add to your order. Here, you can explore other options like a teddy bear or chocolates to deliver along with your flowers.


  1. Deliver flowers at her workplace

If you want to surprise your girl, then deliver flowers at her workplace. Everyone knows how much a girl loves surprises. So, it is not a bad idea to take her by surprise by delivering her favorite flowers at her office or home.


  1. Give her flowers randomly

It is not always necessary to get flowers for your girl on only special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day. You can deliver flowers even on random days to brighten up her dull, boring day. She will definitely love this sweet gesture.


  1. Ask your girl if she likes flowers

Most girls like flowers but not all. There are some girls who do not like to get flowers as they have to be thrown out after a week or so, considering their high price. If that’s the case with your girl, then give her plants and not flowers.

So, these are some of the things that guys need to bear in mind. The next time you purchase a bouquet of flowers for your girl, remember these tips for ensuring that you get it right. Now, give your girls a perfect surprise by delivering her favorite flowers at her home and bring a smile to her lovely face.