Sending a bouquet in a flower vase makes a complete gift. This especially comes in handy when you’re sending the flowers to their workplace or at a funeral home or elsewhere with no easy access to a flower vase. Don’t let the recipient feel bad over having to place a beautiful lily bouquet in an office mug.

Even when you are sending the flowers to a personal residence, sending a flower vase arrangement will be greatly appreciated. This gift can immediately be enjoyed by the recipient wherever she pleases to place it on. From then on, the care of the flowers would only be of trimming them and changing the water. Most flower vase arrangements also have added flower food to prolong the lifespan of the flowers.

Flower vase arrangements are perfect for every occasion. Whether you go with glass vases, mason jars, spray-painted vases, and other unique containers, you will certainly please the recipient. The containers we use are durable and reusable too.

You can also order our flower vase arrangements with an assortment of gifts like balloons, chocolates, a birthday cake, or a teddy bear. The flower vase arrangement will be hand-delivered by our floral company to your loved ones in Singapore.

Flower arrangements in a vase delivery convey a message of thoughtfulness. Fill their home or office space with an arrangement of lilies, tulips, roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, lilacs, and birds of paradise in a lovely vase compliment of your generosity. A bouquet of roses, lilies, or tulips is made even better with the addition of a lovely vase. If you are planning to send flowers to a housewarming party, the host can sit back and relax when you send them the bouquet in a flower vase.

We have vases of various styles, shapes, and sizes. Our florists will creatively fill the vase with an arrangement of lovely flowers that best complements the vase and of course the recipient and the occasion. Whether the occasion is a romantic one, a morose one, or a simply happy celebration, you will find that flower vase bouquet delivery makes a suitable gift.

Browse from our selection of indoor plants and flower bouquets today for your loved ones in Singapore. We deliver to homes, workplaces, hospitals, and funeral homes. Whatever the occasion might be, there is a flower vase arrangement that best fits their unique personality and preferences. Order a flower vase arrangement today for any special celebration. We’ll make it even more memorable.