Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wedding Flowers

Having troubles and confusion picking the right wedding flowers from thousands of flower varieties available out there? Knowing that flowers are an important factor in every wedding, you are probably pressured in making wise choices. Worry no more because the florists are here to give you the ultimate guide to choosing the best wedding flowers suitable for your budget and style.

·        Hire the Best Wedding Florist

Hiring the best wedding florist is your best move if you don’t want to fail on wedding flowers. They are the experts when it comes to the type of flowers, colors and combinations, designs of bouquets and arrangements, and everything about the wedding flowers. Hiring one is better if you want the best flowers on your wedding day, especially if you have the budget and if you don’t have the time to personally attend to all the necessary details regarding wedding flowers. Also, a wedding florist will see to it that you get your dream wedding flowers within your budget.

·        Give Special Considerations to the Season

In choosing wedding flowers, the experts also advised giving considerations to the season. Flowers are available in different varieties and colors depending on the season. If you are looking for a spring or summer wedding, you cannot expect to have flowers that are only available during the winter season. It is best to always ask the florist for the best seasonal blooms that are fit for your wedding style and theme. In addition, it will be a great design to make use of seasonal flowers to decorate the wedding venue.

·        Don’t Hesitate to Seek the Expert’s Advice or Suggestions from Friends and Family

If you are not knowledgeable about wedding flowers, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You can ask your family, relatives, friends, or a trusted florist for the most recommended designs and types of flowers to use for the wedding. They can tell you which flower is perfect for your bouquet based on their experience or on their personal knowledge.

·        Decide on Your Budget

Wedding flowers are expected to be expensive and you have to set a budget for them. According to the experts, 10% of the entire budget for the wedding should be allotted to the flowers. It is fine if you go lower than the budget but it is not practical to go beyond it. Fortunately, with a reliable wedding florist, finding and choosing the right flowers for your wedding that suit your budget is possible. It is helpful to discuss your budget with your hired wedding florist on the first meeting before you make choices for the bridal bouquet, wedding decorations, and flower decorations at the reception venue.

·        Compare the Wedding Flower Styles

In choosing wedding flowers, it is helpful if you will compare different wedding flower styles and their prices. Some bouquets are accentuated with beautiful adornments, which you can choose to add to your bouquet, too. Some bouquets are made from small blooms while some are designed with big blooms. When you compare, you will be able to pick a design that suits your taste, style, and wedding theme.

·        Consider Unique Flowers

Unique flowers are a way of having a bridal bouquet that is not commonly seen at weddings. You can think outside the box or ask your florist for the most unique design she can create for your bouquets. The flower shop has access to thousands of unique and uncommon flowers available out there. All you need to do is to ask the florist and let them give you the best recommendation.

·        Have a Doppelganger Design for Your Bridal Bouquet

Why?, So that you can have one to throw on bouquet catching and another one to keep at home for as long as you want. The wedding florist can also use a type of flower or color or design that resembles the bridal bouquet if you want to have two bouquets within your budget. If ever you left the bridal bouquet in your hotel room, you will appreciate it if you have a doppelganger bouquet.

·        Consider Wedding Flower Recycling

Wedding flowers can be recycled to cut costs and save money. Instead of leaving the flowers in the church, which they will surely throw away after the wedding ceremony, choose to reuse them. You can bring the flowers to the reception venue to be used as table centerpieces, wedding car decor and venue decoration. Some flowers can also be used to decorate the bridal car. If you are on a tight budget, you will get the best value for money if you will recycle your wedding flowers.

·        Make Use of Greenery or Foliage

Consider the beauty of nature and incorporate the lush green leaves into your wedding bouquets and flowers. Ask the florist for the best and durable greenery and foliage that can be used for the bouquets. There are hundreds of stunning leaves and foliage at the shop, and most of them have unique textures, colors, sizes, and variegation that are sure to make your bouquets look fabulous but less expensive.

·        Consider Silk Flowers Instead

If you are allergic to fresh flowers, you don’t have to fret because you can still have the beautiful blooms on your wedding day without feeling dizzy. The wedding florist can give you the loveliest wedding bouquet made from silk flowers. These artificial flowers come in different colors and sizes, too, giving you the option to choose depending on the style you want or on the theme of your wedding.