Can I Send a Sympathy Flower Arrangement to the Home of the Bereaved Before the Funeral?

Sending funeral flowers to the family of the deceased as a way of showing sympathy has been a long-standing tradition. There are no fast and hard rules when it comes to sending a flower arrangement to the bereaved family. But if you’re quite wondering if you are going to send flowers to the home of the bereaved, the answer is yes however it will depend on some factors. One of which is your relationship to the deceased and the family.

  1. Immediate Family

The members of the immediate family include the spouse, children, sisters, brother, parents, grandparents. And they may choose any kind of flower arrangement that they want. They can even send it directly to the home. However, funeral flowers given by the members of the immediate family must be placed near the casket of the deceased person. And for some, the flowers may be even put inside the casket together with the deceased. You can ask from your local florist about caskets to give for your loved one.

  1. Extended Family

The members of the extended family are aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. A florist would even suggest that an informal floral arrangement may be given by the extended family members to their loved one and it is often placed beside the flowers of the immediate family members. But you may also opt to give formal floral arrangements such as condolence wreaths and sprays. You can also include a card that you can read aloud during the funeral service or giving of eulogy.

  1. Close Friends

Sometimes close friends can become part of the extended family members. But what is being referred in here are those close friends in general by the deceased. Business partners may also be included on this list. They may send funeral flowers directly to the home or they may choose to give it straight to the funeral home. In choosing which flowers to send, it is recommended that you send a vase or basket of flowers or wreaths and standing sprays. They may also give live plants that the bereaved family may take home after the funeral to keep it as a remembrance or preserve it at home. You can also opt to include a card that you can give to the family as an addition to the flowers that you are going to give.

The other factor that you have to consider before sending a floral arrangement to the bereaved family is their type of religion or religious organization. Here are some of the common practices of some religions.

  1. Catholic – almost any type of floral arrangements and funeral flowers are accepted by Catholics so you won’t have any problem with this.
  1. Muslim – the appropriate type of floral arrangement will actually depend on their Islamic religion. So it is recommended that you ask first the family members before sending one. Some Islamic religions prefer that you give money instead of funeral flowers. But if you are unstoppable that you prefer to give flowers as a way of sympathizing with the family, then you can send one but make sure that it’s simple and classy.
  1. Protestant – Just like the Catholics, almost every type or kind of floral arrangement is acceptable with them.
  1. Mormon – Any kind of floral arrangement is acceptable as long as you don’t put crucifix or cross on it.
  1. Jewish – You may send directly to the home of the bereaved family. However, flowers are not usually displayed at the funeral home. The more contemporary Jewish funerals allow that the flowers may be put at the entrance of their synagogue. But in case of doubt, just send a fruit basket directly at the home of the bereaved family instead of giving funeral flowers. Jewish law even requires that the burial must be held within three days after the death that is why they find it unnecessary to send a floral arrangement.
  1. Eastern/Greek Orthodox – any type of flowers are acceptable but they highly recommend that you only send white flowers.
  1. Buddhism – Almost any type of flowers and arrangements are acceptable. Typically, some Buddhists like yellow flowers but never send them red flowers during funerals.
  1. Baha’I – almost any type of flowers and arrangements are acceptable.
  1. Hindu – In Hindu funerals, garlands can be typically seen during that occasion but they accept any type or kind of floral arrangement.

Some Traditional Funeral Flower Arrangements

  1. Wreath – this type of condolence wreath floral arrangement comes in a circular form and it has been said that it represents life because of its shape.
  1. Sprays – this type of floral arrangement can be viewed from one side only.
  1. Casket Sprays – This type of floral arrangement usually sits on top of the casket and can be given by the immediate family members
  1. Inside Pieces – This type of flower arrangement, on the other hand, can be placed inside the casket.

Funeral flowers play a significant role. It not only comforts the bereaved family but it is also a way of expressing your sympathy towards them. Again, there are no fast and hard rules when it comes to sending a floral arrangement to the bereaved family. But you also have to consider other factors such as your relationship with the deceased and the family, and religion or religious organization that they belong to.