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Symbolic Meaning of Traditional Condolence Wreath Flowers in Singapore


Sending Condolence Wreath Singapore flowers is an act of sympathy and care to the bereaved family, but it should be done appropriately. You may ask which flowers to give, especially now that most of the flower shops are offering a wide range of Condolence Wreath flowers with mixed and combined types of flowers. The Flower Delivery Singapore is an option if you are looking for Condolence Wreath flowers to send. There are ways to sympathize to a friend or relative who lost a loved one, and opting for Florist Singapore services can be the best one for you whether you are in or out of the country.


It is important and essential to remember that flowers carry symbolic meaning, even in funerals. This is the reason why choosing them is a necessity, especially when the family is sensitive to symbolism and traditional implications. Here are some of the symbolic meaning of flowers to consider when sending Condolence Wreath flowers:


Lilies – Lilies are the most common flowers seen in funerals. When you ask an online florist of which flower type is best to send for a funeral, you will always get this flower as the top choice. A Condolence Wreath flower arrangement of Lilies can invoke the feeling of peace and tranquility, but it also symbolizes the idea that the soul of the person who passed away already returned to its peaceful home.


Carnations – Carnations, in its different colors, are also among the flowers best sent for funeral and sympathy purposes. The flower shop also suggests that it will be better to consider the meaning of the colors of the carnation flowers when opting to send this flower type in a funeral.


Chrysanthemums – some funerals have mums because of the symbol it carries. In major parts of the European countries, mums are present in the funerals and grave sites. In Asian countries, mums symbolize lamentation and grief, which is why the cheap florist in Singapore include this flower in the Condolence Wreath flowers arrangements.


Orchid PlantOrchids are long lasting type of flowers and they are ideal in any funeral services, but because of the sentimental or traditional meaning of the color of the orchids, it is still essential to consider it before choosing a certain color for Condolence Wreath Singapore flowers. The Flower Delivery Singapore, as your option in sending the floral arrangement to a funeral service, can give you the list of flowers along with its symbolism and meaning to help you choose the right flowers to send.


Condolence Wreath Singapore: Express Comfort and Sympathy

Flowers are sent for special occasions and a funeral is one of this. In most cases, when you send flowers to someone, it is usually because you are expressing joy. However, in the case of sending a condolence wreath Singapore, then it means that you are sending comfort and sympathy, especially for the bereaved family.

It is true that when you send over the funeral flowers, it will not take any weight of pain from the great loss of the grieving ones. But, with that gesture, you will be able to send some good vibes, express your comfort and sympathy.

Sending a condolence wreath has become part of the tradition in the country. Sometimes, this is done by many individuals who do not know how to express and offer their condolences to the family or friends’ loss. At this very delicate time, it is indeed difficult to choose the appropriate gestures to do just to send your love and concern for those who mourn.

As what they say, flowers are given during funerals in order to relay an unspoken sorrow you felt for the loss and that is embedded in most cultures all around the world.

Therefore, if you plan to send a condolence wreath Singapore, you should contact the 24 hour florist Singapore to make sure that the wreaths will be done professionally. This is very important, especially when this is your first time to send some funeral items. Each component of a wreath has a meaning for some, therefore, careful choosing should be done, but once you work with the best florists in Singapore, you will not worry a thing.

The funeral flowers have meanings and once you send a condolence wreath Singapore, it will give a visual testimony to the bereaved family that you care about their loss and the deceased person means a lot to you.

For some people, flowers at the funerals are not just symbols of sympathy, but the beautiful flower arrangement gives the place a light atmosphere despite the heavy pains everyone is feeling from within.

With the great impact a condolence wreath Singapore can do with a sad event, it is just right that you let the best same day flower delivery florist do the job and just have it delivered to your place so you can personally visit the wake and give your flowers or if you want an express flower delivery of the flowers to the wake, then you may also request the florists to do so.