Who Do You Address Funeral Flowers to?

During the funeral of someone you knew when it comes to addressing the flowers, it could leave you feeling confused. Everyone would be grieving after the passing on of a loved one. When you send a funeral flower to a grieving soul, you are in a way giving the person a reason to smile again. But still, the question of who to address the flower to seem still to be an issue. Consult an expert florist if required.

When it comes to funeral arrangements and what to do, there are some basic funerals etiquettes that you need to have at the back of your mind though. What you need to do for any funeral is to do what you feel is right by you. There are no hard and fast rules that say you must have a funeral in a particular way. There is some basic traditional etiquette that is usually being observed by some set of people. Although even if some set of people is observing these traditional etiquettes, they are not compulsory.

Flowers can be sent to anyone in the funeral as long as you would address the flowers to the deceased. You can decide to send the flowers to the deceased spouse if the deceased is married. You can also decide to address the funeral flowers to the children of the deceased, that is if the deceased have children. The parents of the deceased are also another set of people you can decide to send condolence wreath to. All these among others are all examples of people you can decide to send your flowers.

You can Address the Funeral Flowers to the Deceased Spouse

If you personally know the deceased, then you would know if the deceased is married or not. Sending flowers to the spouse of the deceased is a way of offering your condolences to the partner of the deceased. There are also different types of flowers that can be sent for the funeral of the deceased.  When addressing a funeral flower you should also note that it is the name of the decreased that should be written in the note, and not the name of the spouse who receives the flower.

The note in which you attach to the flower should also carry a sympathy message. The message in the flowers could be anything from a simple short condolence message to an encouraging note. The main idea of the note is to offer some comfort to the spouse of the deceased. Also, when addressing the funeral flower you should address the flowers to the location of the first event of the funeral, that is the visitation or wake before the funeral. But it is also fine if you cannot afford to buy a flower for both events. You can buy a flower for either the wake or the funeral.

You can Address the Funeral Flowers to the Deceased Parents

After the passing away of a child, you could send some funeral flowers to the parents of the deceased. It is not the prayer of any parent to burying their child. So in a case where it is the child that died, a different approach might be needed as emotions are higher because the parents are grieving over the loss of their child. You can still send the usual type of flowers you feel is best for a funeral.

According to the funeral etiquette, the note in the funeral flowers sent to the deceased parents should be slightly different from the usual note. The note in the flowers you send should be somewhat more consoling than empathy. The parents of the deceased needs to feel people are proud of their child so that they can have some comfort in their pain.

The flowers should still carry the deceased name, and then it should be sent to the location of the first event for the funeral. Although it is not compulsory that you send the flowers to all the event, the bottom line is that you sent some flowers and you ensure that the parents of the deceased get them.

You can Address the Funeral Flowers to the Deceased Children

You can decide to address the funeral flowers to the children of the deceased. Although the funeral flowers are going to carry the name of the deceased still. You should ensure that the children of the deceased receive the flowers. Take note that based on tradition, the children are meant to bury their parents. In this case, where the children are the ones buying their parent, all that is needed most by the children is the support to help them get back on their feet from the nasty blow death delivered to them.

The deceased parent would have wanted you to support their children after their passing. So in any way you can be of help to the deceased children, do offer your help to them. You can also send the funeral flowers to the wake or the funeral, but ensure that there is someone there to receive the flowers anywhere you decide to address them.


Funerals are sad, and no one wants to experience it, but just as death is an inevitable end for all of us, likewise are funerals inevitable. The best we can do after the passing away of someone dear to us is to offer our condolences and help to the family members of the deceased. At least when the family members of the deceased see that they are not grieving alone, they would not feel alone in pain.

Flowers can also help to ease the pain of losing a loved one, be it a child, a parent of a spouse. Even though the pain may never heal, flowers would sure make the pain bearable to live with it. So whenever anyone close to you passes away, do ensure you send a funeral flower to pay you final respect to the person and the family members of the deceased.