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Offering Condolences Flowers through the Right Flower Delivery Singapore

Offering condolences can be tough sometimes, probably because it seems uncomfortable to say the words of condolences. On the other hand, doing nothing is also inappropriate, especially if you know personally the grieving family. At such a time of sadness and sorrow, you have the best Condolences Flowers Singapore to send that will utter the words you hardly say. The Flower Delivery Singapore of chosen flowers and arrangement is creatively designed by the Florist Singapore for offering and saying condolences. You can say the exact sentiments through the gift of flowers when words fail you.

Types of Flowers for Condolences:

  • Lilies

Representing peace, purity, and restored innocence of the soul, the flower of Lilies are among the favorites. The best florist in Singapore prepares different kinds of designs and floral arrangements for Condolences Flowers using Lilies or mixed flowers of Lilies and Orchids or other flowers.

  • Chrysanthemums

In Europe, using Chrysanthemums on funerals to offer condolences is a tradition and culture. This is because this flower symbolizes death and rest. In the US, the flowers of Chrysanthemums can be used for Condolences Flowers to give tribute to a life well spent and to give honor to a person who gave his or her life to inspire other people.

  • Carnations

Pink Carnations are often used as Condolences Flowers because they represent happy memories and remembrance. Sending or giving a floral arrangement of Carnations on funeral service can be the simplest way to show your sympathy to the family and message of condolences for the death of a loved one.

  • Roses

Crimson Roses are a famous type of flower for funerals and sympathy purposes. The online florist Singapore creates beautiful arrangements of Roses that are meant for saying your condolences to the bereaved family. The florist may also allow a customized design depending on your request, but it should be done appropriately and accordingly as guided by etiquette on Condolences Flowers.

  • Orchids

Orchids are traditionally used to express sympathy and offer condolences. The flower shop has the Phalaenopsis Orchids and Dendrobium Orchids for the Condolences Flowers arrangements, which are traditionally used to send the message of sympathy or comfort.

The tradition of giving and sending flowers to the family who is grieving over the death of a loved one continues to be practiced all over the world. Although flowers are expressive of positive messages, it is still important to select the right flowers for the purpose of offering condolences and sending sympathy. If you are looking for the right types of flowers, or if you have plans of sending funeral or sympathy flowers to condole, seeking the professional assistance of the florist in Singapore will help you do this thoughtful gesture properly.

In addition to words of sympathy and messages of care, you can choose to send condolences flowers in different arrangements:

Floral Baskets

Flowers are arranged in baskets to express sympathy. They come in different sizes of baskets and various types of flowers. Flower baskets as Condolences Flowers can be sent to home for the message of sympathy or to funeral homes for wake viewing.

Standing Sprays

Arranged on easels, the flowers in standing spray design are used at the funerals and can be placed near the casket or anywhere in the funeral home. They are sent to the family to express sympathy and to condole with the family on this time of sorrow. These standing sprays are often brought from the funeral homes all the way to the church and to the graveside on burial.

Funeral Wreaths

Family and close friends of the deceased or of the family are the ones who send funeral wreaths. Wreaths are available in circular shape, which is used to symbolize eternal peace, and in cross shape, which represents faith in God, and heart shape which symbolizes love and happy memories.

As you offer condolences through the Flower Delivery Singapore, these flower arrangements are among your best choices, when and where to send the flowers should also be carefully decided upon. While it is tough and complicated to at times to express sympathy, having the right flowers at the right time makes it easier. You can send the flowers at home to show them how much you sympathize with them on this sad time. You can also send flowers to the funeral homes, which bring comfort and condolences to the bereaved family and friends and at the same time, the flowers add beauty and light atmosphere to the sorrowful environment at the wake.

Fresh Bouquets

Fresh cut hand bouquet flowers for sympathy and funerals are also common when it comes to condolences flowers. You can choose to arrive at the funeral service with a bouquet of fresh flowers to express your sympathy. The fresh cut flowers can also serve as the stem of flowers placed on the grave. You can bring white Orchids, Irises, Roses, and Lilies, and those common fresh white cut flowers symbolize purity, peace, and eternity.

Potted Plants

Some families prefer to bring home potted flowering plants to symbolize the peaceful soul of the deceased and to have a remembrance of the service. A potted flowering Lily or Orchid or Rose is great and useful not just as one of the funeral flowers but also as a plant that will bring comfort to the grieving family. Seeing potted flowering plants comfort the family, knowing that the family member who passed away is already resting in eternal peace.

In your choice of sending flowers to the family to express sympathy and to offer condolences, the florist reminds that proper considerations should be observed. Some families prefer not to accept flowers because of tradition, culture, or belief. In lieu of flowers, they accept donations for specific organizations and charitable institutions they support. Flowers can still be sent individually to the family at their home even a few weeks after the funeral. If you are looking forward to sending sympathy or condolences flowers to express your condolences, the 24 hour florist in Singapore is here to help you pick the right arrangement and to guide you through proper flower gifting in times like this.