Creative Types of Diaper Cake Singapore Designs

There are dozens of things you can do with your diaper cake, and every design has its own charming quality. However, if you want something unique and creative for your child’s baby shower, the following are just few of the wonderful ideas you can incorporate in your diaper cake Singapore design.

Vibrant colors and shapes

Children love color. If your theme involves the colors of the rainbow, you can have your diaper hamper Singapore design with various shapes of colorful animals. Balloons, particularly hot air balloons, are also well loved among the baby shower crowd. This kind of colorful design is very popular among young parents. You can have a combination of design too. For example, you can mix baby dinosaurs and hot air balloons into a wonderful and adorable diaper cake. You will also have lots of fun making this kind of diaper cake, not to mention your baby will enjoy the colors too.

Quirky and Topsy-turvy

Now, when you talk about fun, this kind of design may be on top of the list. If you love quirky designs, there is a way to make your diaper cake quirky with a cute twist. In particular, the topsy-turvy design can feature great books or movies such as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland. This design will also look great if you feature characters like Dr. Who or Captain Jack Sparrow. This kind of diaper cake Singapore design may be more elaborate than some, but it often prompts oohs and wows and awwws from guests.

Elegant and Magical

This diaper cake Singapore design is perfect for fantasy fans. Stories like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are quite mature for baby showers, so if one of these is your theme, a cute diaper hamper featuring such stories softens them and makes them childlike enough for baby showers. You can incorporate elements such as vines, glitters, glass, and precious stones, among others. A lot of other parents who use this design are not particularly fans of the fantasy genre. It’s because aside from projecting magic, glitter and precious stones also give off a royal and stylish vibe.

The three mentioned above are fantastic diaper cake Singapore designs, and they are always popular for baby showers. However, there are many more inspiration that you can find online or from friends and acquaintances who love doing arts and crafts, including diaper cakes. Whatever you choose, just remember to have fun while working on your awesome project for your baby.