Dried baby’s breath for special occasions in Singapore

Baby’s breath flowers are commonly known as fillers that make a bouquet look put-together. You may remember baby’s breath flowers in a single rose bouquet wrapped in plastic and sold in your local grocery store. These days baby’s breath flowers are brought to the spotlight. They are no longer merely used as fillers. They shine in clusters on their own.

Baby’s breath flowers look amazing when fresh as well as when dried. When they are properly dried, you won’t have to worry about the petals getting scattered. Dried baby’s breath flowers make for the perfect addition to your wreaths all year round but particularly for autumn wreaths and winter wreaths when dried baby’s breath flowers can be added to a wreath with other kinds of dried flowers.

Dried baby’s breath flowers are also often associated with the Christmas holiday. It is enjoyed as an accent flower in Christmas wreaths and Christmas centerpieces.

You can also opt for rainbow dried baby’s breath flowers for your events and party décor. Dried baby’s breath has also made an appearance in the grander events like weddings. We’ve seen brides incorporating dried baby’s breath flowers in their wedding décor from the venue design to the boutonnieres for their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Dried baby’s breath flowers add style to a rustic wedding as well as a winter wedding without worrying about the longevity of the plant. You can enjoy dried baby’s breath throughout the entire event.

As centerpieces, they are romantic when placed in bottles of varying heights and vintage containers. Dried baby’s breath also make majestic hanging décor. They can be spray-painted in a kaleidoscope of colors or in the metallic colors of gold and silver.

From outdoor weddings to indoor weddings, dried baby’s breath makes a statement for your wedding. These are also great at the altar too.

Keep in mind that baby’s breath to be dried should be young and free of insect damage. The flowers should be cut midday around 11:00 so that the plant will be free of dew. Baby’s breath should be dried while placed upright in a vase. You can opt to use an aerosol sealer sold at your local florist or arts and crafts store. The sealer will ensure that no moist or dust will come in contact with your baby’s breath flowers.

If you want a no-fuss arrangement of dried baby’s breath in a bouquet, wreath, boutonniere, or for your upcoming wedding celebration or holiday celebration, order today from your local florist in Singapore.