Crafting with Dried Flowers from Online

If you have seen our catalog of dried flowers for delivery, you may be wondering about what to do with them. We have crafting ideas so you can maximize the use of dried flowers.

Thinking of having a fall wedding? Dried flowers are perfect for this occasion—adding a rustic appeal to your wedding. If you like to incorporate vivid summer flowers, dried flowers can tone down the overall look. Dried flowers are also suitable for a boho chic wedding. What about wedding décor? Dried flowers look perfect as hanging decorations and even as table centerpieces in a brass bowl along with a single oversized flower.

Dried lavenders also make great brooches or boutonnieres. Aside from the bridal bouquet, you can also incorporate dried flowers in a flower crown.

Our dried flowers selection is also perfect to make a pretty bookmark you can use or give away as a gift. It’s a cheap and yet beautiful gift for a booklover. Why not match the gift with a coaster embellished with dried flowers too? Books and coffee, perfect right? For the final touch, you can decoupage the dried flowers on a card to make a fancy greeting card.

Among the popular flowers to dry and even dye include roses and hydrangeas. These make great wall décor, hanging décor, party décor, and even a monogram for your bedroom. Dried flowers also make great potpourri and scented sachets to make your closet smell good all the time.

Got kids? Our dried flowers are perfect for imaginative play. Little girls who love playing as fairies can definitely use dried flowers to make lovely clothes for fairies. These are also perfect in their accessories including glass and clay beads as well as in a pendant. These also make lovely garlands to adorn your little girls’ bedroom. Just keep in mind to put it up high so young kids can’t crush the flowers.

Finally, enjoy the dried flowers in a bouquet.

We offer an array of dried flower bouquets. Our florists can design a bouquet that will look the same for years just like when you received it. Dried flower bouquets may include dyed flowers to brighten up the bouquet. No need to worry about forgetting to replace the water in the vase and no need to think about withering. For those who think there love might fade when the flowers do, a gift of dried flowers in a bouquet will be perfect!