Mason Jar Flower Arrangements for Your Home and Office Décor

The internet is going loco over mason jars to place their flower arrangements in. Sure you’re free to use the standard vases that are store-bought or you can DIY mason jars to get a unique look for your home.

Mason jars look lovely when they are sprayed on with acrylic paint as well as when they are filled with glitter. Gold spray-painted mason jars are all the rage now, especially when filled with carnations. You can even ombre-paint a mason jar and fill it with hydrangeas or roses.

Tall mason jars look exceptionally great with our long-stemmed red roses. These look so romantic for an at-home dinner date with your spouse. To make table centerpieces, you can opt for a bouquet of wildflowers and berries and place it in a mason jar tied with twine, raffia or burlap bows—a look which can either be rustic or charming. Even a small cluster of baby’s breath flowers will be suitable as wedding reception table centerpieces when placed in a mason jar with burlap bows.

The mason jar look can be changed to fit the occasion and the season too. Mason jars filled with lemons look great for summer. Lavenders look exceptionally charming in a white painted mason jar with lavenders painted on it. For your outdoor parties, go ahead and pick a metal milk carrier, fill it with several glass mason jars and fill it with an assortment of flowers. Love the look of our sunflowers bouquet? These look perfectly placed in a mason jar wrapped with burlap and lace.

Now, why don’t you bring this décor trend to the holiday season? The mason jar is great for Christmas too! Gold mason jars look holiday-ready with big red flowers and greenery. You can also glue on a snow globe on top and fill a glass mason jar with sugar cane. Striped mason jars can go from St. Patrick’s Day to Easter too! Even Halloween mason jar flower arrangements are doable. You can fill a white painted mason jar with orange lilies and you’re good to go. You can also paint spooky ghosts on the jar for Halloween and bunnies for Easter.

Our flower arrangements will look fabulous in these oh so unique DIY mason jars. Go ahead and order a bouquet so you can fill those pretty mason jars you just filled with glitter or spray painted with acrylic paint. You’ll surely get lots of compliments from guests!