7 Floral Wedding Car Decorations Every Modern Bride Needs to Know

Flowers play an important role in celebrations like birthdays or weddings. They spice things up and give more life to the occasion. In wedding celebrations, you can notice every aspect of the wedding involves flowers, like setting up the venue, the wedding hand bouquet, or the table centerpiece. It is indubitable that flowers play a huge significance for weddings. So it is important to choose carefully the best flowers that would match the theme or motif of the wedding. One aspect you should consider also is the budget that you have. Some flowers are pricey like lily of the valley because they only bloom on certain seasons. You can check from a reputable Singapore Florist for any inquiries. Another thing to consider also is the kind of style that you want. It may be rustic, modern, classic or glamorous.

Most brides focus their wedding decorations on the venue and bridal bouquet and giving less importance on the wedding car. It is also equally important to make sure that the wedding car is as groomed as the bridal bouquet because it gives a huge impression on guests attending the occasion. One of the most common decorations for wedding cars is floral design. You can hire an online florist to do the job for you and they also offer same day flower delivery. But if you are the type of bride who likes to have a fishing expedition first on what floral decorations you wish to have on your wedding car, then you might want to check out the 7 floral wedding car decorations every modern bride needs to know.


  1. Combine tulips, lilacs, daffodils, and greenery. If you are going for that sweet and dainty look for your wedding car decoration, this is a perfect choice. The combination of these flowers brings soft colors which makes it more intimate, and it also gives sweet scents. Take all flowers of even height and shape and arrange them in a heart shape. Then create a dome shape on the side by adding the greenery.


  1. Garlands of leaves, Hydrangeas, Peonies, and dahlias. This combination gives a rustic and yet sultry vibe to the wedding car. But make sure you pick a light colored car to emphasize the flowers, making it the center of attraction.


  1. Garlands of Roses, Ranunculuses, Snapdragons, and Dahlias. This combination gives a vintage yet romantic look for your wedding car. Dahlias have multi-layered petals that add body to the arrangement. Make sure to remove excess leaves and foliage with your hands or stem trimmers. Hold the roses and ranunculuses in place with one hand and insert snapdragons and dahlias in the other. Don’t forget to create a base as this will hold the flowers together.


  1. Clematis, Freesia, and Orchids. The clematis symbolizes warmth, while the Freesia symbolizes innocence, and the Orchids symbolizes beauty and it is perfect for rustic themed weddings. Cut the flower stem to 45-degree angle to absorb more water. Lay out the flowers and arrange them according to how you desire.


  1. Rose flowers, Lisianthus, Hortensia, and Greenery. Attach the flowers altogether and seal it with a wire. The Hortensia flowers should be positioned on the side and putting the Rose flowers and Lisianthus at the center. Then add the greenery to balance the colors. You can drape the flowers on the bonnet and above the grill of the car.

  1. Lily of the Valley, Peony, and Greenery. The Lily of the Valley is known for its tiny bell shape and perfume-like scent but this piece of the flower is pricey so make sure that it fits your budget. While the Peony balances it through its bright color petals but it’s available from late spring to early summer. You can also add accessories like ribbons to add more volume to the arrangement. All the flowers should be inserted near the base to keep the bouquet secured.


  1. Stephanotis, Purple Sweet Pea, and Greenery. Stephanotis symbolizes marital happiness and it’s a classic choice for a formal wedding while the sweet peas symbolize lasting pleasure and happiness plus it has a candy-like scent. Color is very important when it comes to flower arrangement so the combination of purple sweet peas and stephanotis is perfect as it balances the vibrant purple color and the sweet and light color of stephanotis.

Picking the right flowers for your wedding car does not have to be hard and stressful. The key is to always plan ahead and pick the right flowers of your choice. Don’t hesitate to mix and match different flowers because the sky is the limit as to what can be done in arranging and mixing. You can get inspiration from magazines or hire florist online just like florists in Singapore to help you decide. Then you can put all your ideas on the table and keeping the ones that conform with your choice and leaving all the unnecessary things that don’t fit according to your plan. Then you can start setting your budget for these flowers. You can inquire about the flower delivery company if you are on a tight budget. After that, you can gather all the supplies and have them delivered at your doorstep. Make sure to keep your flowers in a cool room away from air and mist. Allocate a work area where you can set up all the flowers and have fun while doing it.