8 Floral Arrangements for Every Personality

When you consider making a flower arrangement for a friend, a special someone, a business associate, or a family member, you should always consider the personality of the recipient. It’s good that you think of the occasion so you can give birthday flowers and not romantic flowers, but you also need to consider what types of flowers people are drawn to most based on their personalities.

  1. Exotic Arrangements

Are you captivated by the beauty and personality of someone? When an exotic young woman catches your eye, think Hawaiian-inspired flower bouquets, birds of paradise, lotuses, and ginger flowers. Exotic flowers are often taller, bigger, and brighter in color than other flowers. Tropical flowers in bright reds and oranges go well in this type of arrangement.

Be generous with the foliage and choose the likes of whaleback palm leaves. Remember, the vase should be tall and wide enough to accommodate an exotic floral arrangement and to hide the floral foam. You can also make a terrarium with dark greenery and purple orchids.


  1. Romantic Arrangements

Red and pink hues coupled with some white blooms are favored in romantic arrangements. Whether you are in the dating stage and you want to show affection and pure intention or you’re married and want to keep the romance alive, a bouquet of roses or tulips always comes with magic. Heart-shaped arrangements also make the gift more romantic.

As a friend, you can also give personality-appropriate flowers. Go for floral arrangements with pastel hues. Soft shades and serene colors speak volumes to a romantic personality. Choose garden flowers like hydrangeas, garden roses, peppermint geraniums, gerbera daisies, green dianthus flowers, and carnations. You can also add green poms as fillers.

  1. Elegant Arrangements

An elegant floral arrangement is for someone you admire and respect. It has a touch of class and formality to it. White and off-whites are favored but you can also use purple flowers for a regal arrangement. One-color arrangements are preferred or at most, two-colored arrangements.

This floral arrangement features tall stems and prominent shapes. Lilies, roses, orchids, dahlias, tulips, and ranunculus flowers do well on their own or put together in an elegant floral arrangement.


  1. Artistic Arrangements

In this generation of IG-loving individuals, any personality would love to snap a lovely bouquet for their feed. Creative geniuses love to express themselves even through floral arrangements. If you want to give this person a lovely bouquet from your favorite flower shop Singapore, be ready to pay extra for an original creation from the florist.

Uniqueness is key to pleasing artistic individuals. Opt for vivid colors and unexpected arrangements that not only beautify a space but also inspires. When creating a DIY arrangement, don’t be afraid to experiment. Get creative with the container too. Think teapots and mason jars. You can also make a DIY monogram, flower crown, or hanging mobile.

  1. Natural Arrangements

Whether you’re planning an event in an outdoor setting or you plan to give a hand bouquet to someone who loves the great outdoors, consider choosing natural and rustic floral arrangements.

Flowers in earth colors combined with golden wild grasses, greenery, grass, and branches make the perfect arrangement to nature-loving individuals. You can also opt to make ornaments like a floral crown or brooch using dried flowers.

Seasonal flowers are best for this type of arrangement. You can also try a blend ot tropical flowers and garden flowers. People who like this arrangement are those who like daisies, sunflowers, desert roses, and succulents. Also, consider the packaging of the flowers especially if you order express flower delivery. Instead of cellophane and satin ribbons, choose jars and wooden boxes.


  1. Contemporary

There are two ways to please the modern woman: either go with minimalist arrangements or dare to experiment with bold arrangements. Influencers and go-getters like arrangements with clean lines. Either go for monochromatic or color block arrangements.

Orchids will be very much appreciated by the contemporary woman. Learn the art of ikebana or at least opt for a unique container instead of the usual vases. Give them uncommon arrangements with asymmetrical shapes, nothing basic like a round bouquet in a glass vase.

Make the arrangement with a complex design and place greenery in unexpected angels. Try to accentuate the arrangement with unexpected elements and shapes. Incorporate succulents, fruits, or vegetables in the arrangement to make it more interesting.

  1. Traditional

Timeless floral arrangements never go out of style. A dozen roses, a huge bouquet of 500 blooms arranged in a round and symmetrical arrangement is always a pleaser. Family-oriented and conventional individuals often opt to go with the time-tested arrangements. Flowers to please this type of personality include roses, calla lilies, hydrangeas, and stargazer lilies.

  1. Wild Arrangements

There is no cookie-cutter arrangement for free-spirited individuals. You will find that they gravitate towards anything that is not pre-made or pre-arranged. This is the time to use your creativity or to hire the best florist and pay extra for their new creation.

Opt for asymmetrical arrangements where some flowers look like they are spilling at the sides. You can go ahead and mix big blooms with petite ones.


Choosing the Right Vase

The container you choose to hold your arrangement will help support the flowers in the way you intend them to be. For example, the bottleneck vase has a narrow opening that can support stems from spilling over. You will want this type of vase with magnolias and poppy seed heads. Tulips, roses, peonies, and hydrangeas are best placed in round or oval vases. Lilies and delphiniums require a tall and round vase. Small arrangements look best in bud vases.