What Color Flowers for A Summer Wedding?

All brides put a lot of thought into flowers as flowers are a big part of their wedding day. It is a big question for brides that how beautiful their wedding venue will look, and flowers come as the answer.

Summer season is about light and simple colors, and it leaves behind the idea of warm and dark colors. Before going to your florist, you need to consider that your wedding is in the Summer season and you will need to make it beautiful and lovely as well. The color scheme for flowers should be somewhat that is cool and lovely if you are getting married in Summer. There are many fun colors available that you can consider for your wedding day décor. Here we have compiled some of the most amazing colors in flowers that can be perfect for a summer wedding.

1.      Pastel Colors

In the months of the Summer season, the pastel colors palette is one that is the coolest one. People take them hand in hand as they bring a uniquely positive charm to the venue. Their gentle and sweet shades look more muted than many others. But it does not mean that they will go unnoticed. No, not at all. Your aesthetic sense can be revealed with the help of these colors. If you are going to go with these colors, then blues, pale purples, and light pink blooms can be paired up with some lovely white flowers to make an amazing bouquet for the décor. These colors flowers can also be used in many other arrangements as well.

2.      Bold Colors

If you are not much into the light and muted colors, then forget it. You are not confined to go with dull colors at all if you are a fan of some bright and bold colors. The sunny season of summer is not restricted to them only as bright pop colors also go hand in hand. From reds to oranges, pinks, purples, and lush greens, you should never hesitate even a little bit. Never be afraid of revealing your interests to your guests as the bright hues can never go unignored. You can pair up all these beautiful and bold colors together to create some thoughtful aesthetics. It will also make your wedding perfect in warm weather.

3.      A Palette of three colors

If you are going to keep your wedding day simple with some simple florals, you can do this by sticking to just three colors palette. It can save your effort in choosing what colors you should pick. One-color is obviously the green as without greenery; the flowers look does not come around at all. The other color can be white that can be perfect in any bouquet of the bride. The last color can be some brighter one like orange or yellow as it can enhance the look of other colors too. So, one light color, one bold color, and one green can make a perfect choice for a simple wedding.

4.      Pinks, Whites, and Yellows with Greenery

One of the most amazing things about arranging your wedding in the summer season is that you can easily and freely use the bright colors of your choice on your special day. You can also work the same with flowers as well. You can try some unexpected combination of wonderful colors like orange, pink, green, and white. These colors, when brought together, can make such an awesome combination that you can never forget. It will enhance the looks of your wedding venue and make you happier.

5.      Different Shades of Pink

Pink color has its own family of various shades from peach to blush and fuchsia blooms. So, you can play with pink in many ways on your wedding. These flowers can be used in bouquets for the bride and other persons and can also be used as centerpieces for the tables of guests. That can be such a pretty thing to do in décor. Also, you can use these pink shades in order to create the ombre effect in floral décor and bouquets. So, if you start with pale pink and move forward with building up with bright fuchsia, it can be perfection. It can be such an eye-catching view and color scheme that can make the venue look stunning and prettiest.

6.      Whites and Greens

When it comes to weddings, white is a classic color, and you can pair up the crispy white florals with some beautiful sharp greens. It will be a combination made in heaven. If you are arranging an indoor wedding, you can set these flowers on walls and on the tables, and these flowers scheme also goes perfect in outdoor and beach weddings. If you think that white and green are so simple and you need some variety, then you can add some different shades of green with the whites.

7.      Purple and Pink

In order to adopt the lightness of the summer season in a feminine way, multiple shades purples and pinks can be used in a wedding function décor. They can bring so much beauty, and you will get something bold and bright by bringing these two colors together. In making arrangements with these colors, you can mix up large flowers like hydrangeas and peonies with smaller blooms like sweet pea and roses. You also will not have to add too much greenery with these flowers as well.

8.      Blue and White

For your wedding arranged outdoor, you can never go wrong with white and blue flowers. You should try to go with large flowers like hydrangeas or other variety for creating simple but stunning bouquets. You can also utilize them in centerpieces, and this will be a perfection according to the summer season.

Final Words

If you are planning to get married in Summer, the wedding flowers color scheme can be pretty complicated and tricky. But the above-mentioned combinations can be perfect for your wedding, and your wedding will be perfect.