How Does Flower Delivery Work? [Must Know Facts]

Are you wondering how flowers are delivered to different parts of the world? If you love flowers and you choose to send a fabulous flower bouquet as a gift to a special person, you probably want to know how flower delivery really works. Those stunning hand bouquets are freshly picked flowers crafted expertly by the florists to give customers wonderful arrangements for all types of occasions, events, and purposes. To understand better how flower delivery works, here are the facts that you should know:

  • What is Flower Delivery

Flower delivery is one of the services provided in floristry. Florists are accessible online through their website, where customers select the flower bouquet for delivery. Florists are not only doing floristry for business but also for arts because they are artists and they love designing flowers. When you avail flower bouquets for delivery to loved ones or to celebrants, you are sure that the bouquet is handcrafted by these florists.

  • Where do Florists Get Flowers

The flowers that the florists deliver are freshly picked and selected for the flower delivery. They get these flowers from the local farmers and suppliers. They also source out from international suppliers once in a while to meet the demands of customers, especially on peak season. Some florists also have their own flower farm where they get flowers and they use their multiple distribution centers that are located anywhere within the region or country.

Moreover, the online florists contact the local florists whenever they have orders to fulfill. The local florist located in the area nearest the recipient’s address can be the affiliated florist to handle the task. Usually, they inform the customers about it so that customers will not be surprised when the flower delivery came from another flower shop. In addition, the florists also source out from other florists in the area that provide exactly the same flower arrangement that the customers ordered. If one local florist does not have the specific flower arrangement, another one will be contacted to supply it. This is how flowers are sourced out for the flower delivery you ordered.

  • What are the Flowers to Send

There are hundreds of flower types to choose from for the flower delivery you want to send. Aside from the local and seasonal flowers, the florists can provide International flowers as well through the suppliers whenever there is a demand for it.

  • What are These Flowers For

The huge selections of beautiful flower arrangements are for gifts of flowers, for decorations on special and big events, for funerals, or for romantic purposes. The main reasons why people choose flower delivery are to give it as gifts to someone celebrating birthday or graduation or anniversary. Flowers are also used throughout the world on events like weddings, corporate events, the grand opening of business or shop, and graduation ceremony.

  • Where do Florists Deliver flowers

The online florists take orders from customers in or out of the country for delivery to the local areas in the country. There are also instances wherein the florists deliver to international countries through sister companies or through international florists.

  • How Flowers are Delivered

Flowers are delivered on same day delivery or on express delivery. The florists also offer next day delivery, special delivery, scheduled delivery, and subscription delivery which can be done weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and quarterly. Some florists deliver on Sundays and holidays while some deliver only from Tuesday to Saturday.

Depending on the arrangement the customers ordered, whether, in flower wrapper, flower vase, or flower pot, the florists handle the bouquet and the packaging in a special way to ensure that it will arrive to the recipient in good condition. All flowers are hand delivered with the utmost care.

  • How Long are Flowers in Transit

Depending on the destination or location of the delivery address, the length or duration of flower delivery may vary. If the recipient is located within the area, it may take 30 minutes to 1 hour from the florist area to the delivery address. It may require the florist a longer transit duration if the flower delivery is bound to another region or country.

  • How Much the Flower Delivery Costs

Shipping charges are among the items included in the costs of flower delivery. Aside from the price of the flower arrangement or bouquet, some florists add an extra charge for flowers to be delivered to another country. However, some of the deliveries are free of delivery charges if the flower bouquet is ordered and delivered on the same day. For express and rush flower delivery, an extra amount may be added to the cost.

Flower delivery works in such an amazing way. Sending flowers to a person does not have to be complicated. Even if you are in the comfort of your home or you are inside the office doing your works, you can easily and conveniently access the florist’s website to place your orders. Anytime you want to buy flowers to send to a loved one or to a celebrant, the florist is always there to handle your purchases. They help you choose the perfect design for an affordable price. After paying for the orders, expect the florist to deliver the flowers on the time and date you prefer. It is now easier to understand how flowers are delivered, especially upon knowing that there is a florist, local and online. They work professionally to ensure that the flowers you ordered will reach its destination in high quality and condition as expected.