How much do wedding flowers cost in Singapore?

A wedding is your special day and it has some dreams and goals attached to it. It is the day your life will be connected to. This is why this day needs special attention from you, isn’t it? As we spend a lot in other fields of life, this day also needs to be given special attention and all of your efforts. The decoration is one of the things given special attention to the preparation of that day. If it is the most beautiful, it should look like the most beautiful! And in those decorations, flowers are the most considered and most discussed ones. Why not? After all, they represent love, they represent dreams and they are considered as a lucky charm for the newly getting married couple. However, these beauties do not come for free like nothing in the world comes for free. Everything has a cost and so do flowers. So we are here to analyze how much your wedding costs to be the most beautiful and flowery wedding ever. Give a read to the text written below for further information:


Cost depends on your budget:

You are not going to have a successful wedding and even a successful life if you do not plan your budget according to your income and making a little compromise with some things. A wedding is going to be the mutual relationship between two persons and it comes with responsibilities regarding each other. You have to learn to take those responsibilities and not spending money on things you don’t need. Wedding flowers are important but you are not going to spend all of your budgets on that especially if you have a low income or the budget for the whole wedding is low. This is the point where you need to cut some budget and it can be a great money saver as well.


All you need to do is to make out a rough sketch of your whole expenditure on the wedding. Know everything regarding what is important in your wedding and what is going to last longer what are the things that are useless on the other day of the wedding. In that budget, you have to plan for how much you need to spend on wedding flowers. Mostly, people spend 15% of their budget on decorations of the wedding day. It is a rough rate and can be moved up or down according to the requirements.


If you have a very low income, try lessening it a little bit. Put 10% or less on the flowers. Among those, you can take further money-saving steps. In those steps, one important step is that you must consider buying the local flowers. You can consider buying the flower from the local farmers. In this way, you are going to save a lot of money that you would pay to the florists and a great amount of taxes on wholesale and many things. So this would be a better option to get it directly from the farmers. Also, consider shopping in bulk. This would help to pay extra money on flowers and when you purchase a whole bunch of flowers, you can easily make them look voluminous and bulky.


Another trick is that use white flowers in a minimum amount so it would create the illusion of following the minimalist theme and it is more of a formal based wedding. On contrary, you can use big and vibrant flowers if you want to create the illusion of an expressive theme. No matter what is the theme in your mind, you will always find a way to make things work even if you don’t have a huge budget. Just show your creativity!


Different arrangements have a different cost:

Flowers come with different types, colors, fragrances, and a lot of factors that can be a base to distinguish them from each other. Also, after getting the flowers of your choice, there is a whole world waiting for you after that as well. You have to set a theme i.e., whether you want to make things minimal or you want to be creative and expressive. Is it going to look elegant or a bit Dramatic and noisy?

After selecting the theme, there is the question that how you are going to arrange them? Will, there be giant centerpieces or you will just go with little vases? Do you want to create a bouquet or just carry a single flower showing your minimal nature? The answer to these questions requires brainstorming sessions and a planned approach. Ask yourself what is the overall theme of the wedding. Your theme should be in accordance with that and you have to be creative for that purpose!


Lowest Possible Cost:

The lowest cost for wedding flowers varies from company to company in Singapore. Also, it depends on what type of flowers you need. For a bridal bouquet, the minimum possible price is around $150 to $200 while Groom boutonniere costs around $15 to $0. Talking about the decorations, the reception table centerpiece usually costs around $100 to $130 while the floral arch costs $500 minimum. These are the lowest possible prices for flowers.

Average Possible Cost:

An average bridal bouquet costs in the range of $300 to $350 if we assume an average cost while a groom boutonniere is sold in the range of $20 to $30. In the case of decorating flowers, a floral arch will cost $1000 on average while the reception table centerpiece will cost around $150 average.

Maximum Possible Cost:

Taking of the maximum cost, a bridal bouquet is $500 at maximum while a Groom boutonniere will be $40. The reception table centerpiece is of $400 at maximum while the floral arch can go up to $1500 to $2000

Meet a florist to know the actual cost:

If you are really into knowing the exact pricing, you can consult the nearest florist. They will go you the best way because they are more aware of it. But we hope that you enjoyed the article and it was