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Why Choose Us for Your Wedding Corsage Needs?

Are you looking for the perfect corsage for the important event you have in the next few days? Look no further: you’re in the right place! We are the best florists in Singapore, and we have everything you need or think you might need. If you still have no idea what to choose, and what you need is guidance or personalized recommendations, we have it for you too, so don’t worry!

Corsages are elegant accessories that say a lot about your commitment to the event you are going to, or to the organizers of the event, or simply to a loved one who wants you to use it. They are used in a considerable number of occasions, so their presentations will be varied: weddings, anniversaries, formal dances, birthdays, quinceañeras, baby showers, holidays, bar mitzvah ceremonies and graduations. And since each of these events is different, and will have a different organization and decoration, the corsages themselves may be different – so be prepared, because this will be fun!


Type of Flower Corsage We Offer

  • Wrist Corsage
  • Groom Corsage and Boutonniere
  • Parent Corsage
  • Bridesmaid Corsage
  • Bestman Boutonniere
  • Baby Breath Corsage
  • Corsage Pin


We Have The Perfect Corsage You Have Been Looking For

First, you need to know what specific event you are going to, and at what time it will be held – day, night, afternoon. Once you have that information, think about what costumes you will wear, whether you will go in a group or with a couple, and whether you want your corsage to match their clothes. All right, the next thing is the colors and the type of flowers that you will wear – have you got all that? Perfect, then leave the rest to us!

On the other hand, you might want to give a corsage to someone else, and that’s wonderful – there’s nothing more beautiful than sharing with the ones you love. Do you have all the information about the event that person is going to go to or at least some details? If you have no idea about what to give, don’t worry! We have personalized help for you, as well as recommendations on what to choose.

Once you have selected the corsage(s) you want, you must place the order and enter the address you want us to take them to. If your order was placed for someone else, don’t worry; we can also deliver the corsage to that person. Our delivery service is great, responsible and fast, so you will have your corsage in your hands before you even think of it!

Need Immediate Flower Corsage or Other Wedding Flower?

We have a same-day delivery service, so if you’re running out of time, don’t worry! Once you place your order, everything else will be on our hands. We will hand everything with professionalism and we will deliver the corsage(s) perfectly – you and (or) your loved ones will be the center of attention! What are you waiting for? The perfect corsage that you have been looking for so much is just a few clicks away! Using our flower delivery website is very easy, and you can trust that every corsage that we deliver is made by an expert florist.