Mother’s Day Traditions Around the World

You all might be waiting to celebrate Mother’s Day with full excitement. People here celebrate the day in many ways, and each of them is interesting as well as mind-blowing. This annual day is filled with flowers, cakes, and cards to mothers around the world.

Different countries celebrate Mother’s Day at different times of the year in their own manners. They all have different ways to celebrate the occasion. All of them go with flowers, cakes, parties, and appreciation to the mothers. So, if you want to celebrate the day in a different way, then you can take a look at this because here you can find out about the traditions of Mother’s Day from different regions of the world.

1.      Japan

Every year in Japan, people celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Most people also celebrate the day in March too. The typical and most traditional way to greet mothers in Japan is by giving them red carnations. Initially, the red flower is for living mothers, and white was for the dead ones. Then red and white both were used regardless of the mother is alive or not. The carnations depict the sweetness, care, and durability of motherhood.

2.      United Kingdom

The Sunday for mothers in the United Kingdom is celebrated in March, like many other countries. The tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day backs to 400 years. In the year, many children left their homes and went to work as domestic servants. So, the special Sunday was then referred to as Mother’s Day when those children used to visit their mothers and other family members. In the UK, there are multiple traditions, like giving cards, flowers, and other gifts. The traditional food item for the day is Simnel cake that is a light fruitcake for offering to mothers.

3.      France

In France, the history of Mother’s Day goes back to 1950. French people celebrate it on the last Sunday of May. The day is celebrated with flowers and cakes in the shape of flowers as well. There is also a quite loving tradition where teachers help the students to memorize the poems for their moms to recite for them on Mother’s Day. In the poems, mothers are wished a healthy and peaceful life. Isn’t it beautiful?

4.      Pakistan

Like many other countries in the world, in Pakistan, the celebration of Mother’s Day is huge, and people take it pretty seriously there. This day is filled with joy and happiness by different gifts like chocolates, cakes, bakery items, and flowers as well. The ones who lost their mothers, pray for them on this lovely day. There are even TV shows that are purely dedicated to mothers.

5.      Nepal

In Nepal, the Mother’s Day is known as Mata Tirtha Aunsi. On the day, the huge crowds of Nepali people gather in a village located in Kathmandu and wade into the world-famous pond, Matatritha. This ritual is done to bring the peace and love to the mothers. All the people who lost their mothers also gather in huge crowds for celebrating and honoring their joyous memories.

6.      Mexico

The Mexican people sing their moms on the Mother’s Day occasion. In rural areas, these songs are sung outside the homes of mothers. Children and adults join the mariachi bands and sing songs like “Las Mananitas” and “Amor de Madre (A Mother’s Love).” These marches are pretty common in Mexico and the USA. People also hire mariachis for an hour or two in order to show up and play the songs in front of their mothers’ houses.

7.      Peru

People all over the world celebrate Mother’s Day with huge excitement. In Peru, gifts, flowers, and cards are a part of greeting mothers on this special day. For the mothers who pass away are also remembered on the day. Most of the families go to the cemeteries for laying flowers and sharing a good time with their mothers’ graves.

8.      Thailand

In Thailand, Mother’s Day is a pretty special event in schools, and the whole country follows this. Mothers are invited to the school campuses, and students are prepared to perform an appreciation ceremony in this regard.

9.      Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, Mother’s Day is celebrated as a three-day festival, and this festival is named as Antrosht. They celebrate the day after the end of their rainy season and love to greet their mothers in special ways. There is dancing, singing, and feasting involved in the three-day festival. They prepare meals together and then sing for honoring their mothers.

10. Sweden

Swedish people also celebrate their Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of May. Small and adorable plastic flowers are sold for gifting to mothers. There is also a tradition in Sweden, where people raise money and send mothers with their young children on trips. Also, breakfast in bed, resting all day, dinner at a fine restaurant, and a bouquet of fresh flowers are the traditions in Sweden for Mother’s Day.

Flowers are Universal

Flowers are considered as one of the most typical and widespread traditions of Mother’s Day all around the globe. In different cultures, different flowers are associated with this day. For instance, in Thailand, jasmine is considered as a symbol of unconditional love and purity. Lilies are popular in France and are the symbol of joy and beauty. In Japan, carnations are gifted to mothers. In the US, there are also carnations that are gifted.

In the United States, the carnations have a historical background when Anna Jarvis chose them for the official Mother’s Day flower. They are loved and symbolized for their amazing ability of not dropping it flowers but to hug them as they die. So, it is the mothers who love their children for the whole life.