Send Flowers And Make the Occasion Extra Special

Nothing feels more special than receiving a lovely bouquet! It is said that flowers represent elegance, sweetness, romance, and so much more. Giving flowers is still such a popular choice, even with the wide array of gifts to choose from.

One of the oldest ways known to mankind to show their affection and gratitude is through gifting flowers.  By involving flowers, you can make any occasion special whether it is a birthday, a quick thank you, a wish for better health or even for no reason at all. Different flowers also have different meanings, so there is surely one fitting for any intention.


Importance of Flower and Flower Arrangements on any Occasion

  • Speaks for Itself

Without the appearance of beautiful and elegant flowers, any event feels incomplete. It is crucial to know the importance of flowers for the occasion and the right type of flowers that should be present to make it more meaningful. Even offering either a bouquet or a long-stemmed rose can convey a message where words are not needed.


  • Strengthens Relationships

People tend to feel special when they are conscious that somebody cares for them. When you pick the right kind of flower on a special day for the recipient, you make them feel important and desired, and that will certainly make the relationship stronger. Sending a flower will surely increase the love and intimacy between lovers, or even friends and family.


  • Makes the Occasion Extra Special

Flowers can enhance the atmosphere of any moment, allowing the people around to feel that a special moment is being celebrated. When someone proposes to their lover, the right flowers can reflect the mood instantly. Flowers can make the moment to be something that is remembered for a lifetime.


Appropriate Flowers for Every Occasion

  • Wedding

Though the trend of wedding flowers changes year after year, red roses, which symbolize passion or love, and peonies, which symbolize a contented marriage, wealth, and fortune are the usual picks. Choosing flowers that are in season would also be a practical option.

However, there are also other flowers, which are suitable for weddings due to their meaning. For example, the amaryllis symbolizes romantic perseverance. Calla lilies mean elegance, while gardenias to represent joy. Hydrangeas mean heartfelt emotion.


  • Birthday

An ideal birthday present, especially for women, is a bouquet. For a birthday bouquet, yellow roses are the best because they signify friendship.  The favorite blossoms of the recipient or those symbolizing your relationship could also be an option.

Besides yellow roses, there are also other flowers, which can be included in a floral bouquet. Some of these include pink carnations, which represent gratitude and geraniums for comfort and true friendship. If it is for a significant other then go for red chrysanthemums, which means love, or perhaps forget-me-nots that means “to be remembered forever”.


  • Valentine’s Day

Impress your lover by sending those flowers to make the day special.  Traditionally, a flower offered to a significant other on Valentine’s Day speaks of their love. A red flower is usually chosen since it symbolizes passion and love. Various shades of red, bright whites and yellow are the common choices, however, you can also make the bouquet yourself to make it more meaningful.

Roses of different hues are the most popular with white roses signifying chaste love, coral roses that reflect desire, pink roses for admiration, and lastly primroses that represent new love and new beginnings.


  • Mother’s Day

It is quite easy to choose a flower for Mother’s Day since it is usually the flowers of their preference. Bouquets, which consist of orchids, lilies, and roses, are popular for this occasion. Consider offering her a spring floral bouquet of mixed blooms if she does not have a particular favorite or if she likes all types.

Gerbera daisies, which mean cheerfulness, can be an ideal bouquet to describe your mother. Daylilies are perfect as they mean motherhood. The lily of the valley means sweetness and pure love, and dwarf sunflowers that represent adoration are all good choices for a bouquet.


  • Christmas

When invited to a holiday party, a great gift to bring for the host is any plant or floral arrangement. The most popular, poinsettias, can be found in a variety of colors including red, white, yellow, or green.

The amaryllis is also a favored holiday flower. Other meaningful holiday flowers are red poinsettias that signify the blood of Christ and the Star of Bethlehem, and winter jasmine, which means a gift from God, purity, and modesty.


  • Milestones

A colorful way to celebrate a person’s special moment such as a job promotion, prom corsage, wedding anniversary, or graduation is by gifting flowers. Almost any sort of flower is suitable, but taking into account the significance of certain varieties can make it even more special.

For a silver anniversary, irises, which symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom, are the traditional pick. Daisies, which mean innocence and playfulness, can be a good flower for a baby shower or to introduce a newborn. Graduation flowers can include camellia that represents excellence and finesse.

Thanks to technology, flowers can be at your doorstep in a day. It is now convenient to buy flowers for friends and family. But, there is also no harm in buying flowers through flower shops, it even helps the local economy.

There are plenty of flowers and floral arrangement choices to choose from, whether you wish someone a happy birthday, profess your love, or celebrate a milestone like a baby’s birth or a wedding engagement. Any occasion can have a spark of uplifting happiness upon the presence of flowers, so make sure to send them to make it extra special!