8 Special Occasions for Flower Delivery in Singapore

Flowers are very fitting to be given on almost all kinds of occasions in different parts of the world. Singapore has been one of the most progressive and advanced countries in the world and their technology has surpassed many countries for that matter. That is why flower delivery is available in almost all locations in Singapore – making flowers readily available for special occasions throughout the year.

There are lots of special occasions in Singapore just like with other countries. Some occasions are even common to most countries throughout the globe. We have listed down eight different special events and occasions that flower deliveries would definitely come in handy. Make sure to book your favorite flower shop a few weeks in advance as they run out really fast.

  1. Valentine’s Day – Just like any other country in the world, Singaporeans also celebrate Valentine’s Day. Known as the heart’s day, it is a year occasion celebrated every 14th of February by couples as way of showing more love and affection to each other. This annual tradition has booked up all flower shops across Singapore and many people have benefited to the flower delivery service especially for those who are far away from their loved ones but still want to make their loved ones feel special on V Day.
  2. Birthdays – Birthdays are often celebrated to commemorate the many years lived by the celebrant and their more years ahead. To make the celebrant feel so much better and happier, friends and relatives often given flowers to express their love and appreciation to him or her. Flower deliveries are also a great option if you want to surprise the celebrant with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on his or her special day.
  3. Vesak Day – This is celebrated on the full moon of the fourth lunar month. The Buddhist community in Singapore celebrates this day as their most important event. Vesak Day usually falls on the month of May and sheds light on the birth and final nirvana of Buddha. Buddhist temples are decorated with a bunch of flowers and other offerings like fruits and harvests. Flower delivery can totally save you from carrying a heavy bunch of flowers to decorate the temple. Just order online or through phone call and you will have flowers delivered to you in no time.
  4. Deepavali – Also called as the Festival of Lights, this occasion is celebrated every October or November and is the most important celebration of the Hindu community. Weeks ahead, the ethnic area of Little India in Singapore celebrate this event and spearheads the whole festival. Since the main idea of the festival is the defeating of darkness through light, the streets are filled by bright lights. The residents also display colorful terra cotta pots and vibrant flower arrangements at the front of their houses. Flower deliveries in Singapore can cater this colorful celebration and you can totally make your front yard a colorful masterpiece with just little effort.
  5. Weddings – Weddings in Singapore can go from very simple to very extravagant with flowers almost dotting every corner of the venue’s walls, halls, and doors. You can make the wedding ceremony and reception a lot more aesthetically pleasing with fresh flowers. Your entourage could also use beautiful bouquets that make great impact especially with the bridal bouquet. Flower deliveries will definitely come in handy especially if you are planning to buy in bulk. It will save you a lot of time and effort and you would just have to focus on making the wedding more successful!
  6. Christmas – Christmas day is indeed one of the most celebrated events in Singapore. The Christian community rejoices with the birth of Jesus Christ through festive gatherings. Make your Christmas dinner more beautiful with an outstanding display in the middle of your dinner table. Flowers can really make a great impact and surely give a festive feel as you dig in your sumptuous Christmas dinner. Most definitely, you would be busy at the kitchen that is why flower deliveries can really come in handy. Just ask your flower shop to create the arrangement of your choice and they will deliver it in no time, and you will not have to worry about the busy Christmas traffic anymore.
  7. Mother’s/Father’s Day – Make your mom and dad feel super special on their annual day of giving thanks and gratitude. They have pulled off to be great parents that is why it is important to celebrate this day by showing them love and your appreciation to all of their efforts and sacrifices to make the family prosperous and happy. Flower deliveries can get too busy during this day that is why it is important to book a few weeks ahead to make sure that you will not forget them on their special day.
  8. Anniversaries – Another year has passed, and the couple surpassed all the challenges they have experienced along the way. This is indeed a great event to celebrate and to commemorate all the memories that were shared. Flowers are one of the most special ways to show love and affection on this special celebration that is why you must book ahead of time to choose the most special arrangement the flower shop can offer. Flower deliveries can also serve as a chance to surprise your partner with beautiful blooms.

One can really say that flowers are indeed one of the most precious gifts one person could give to another. They are really timeless and can fit any occasion. They can be given to any person, whether a friend or a family member. Just remember to book in advance to make sure that you will make it as flower stock can run out quickly especially in Singapore-wide celebrations. You may also have the chance to choose among a lot of choices in bouquet arrangements since everything is still available for purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flower delivery now and enjoy beautiful blooms at the comfort of your own home!