How Do I Choose a Bouquet?

Choosing a bouquet can be a fun activity if you do not think of the pressures of what a single bouquet may hold. Bouquets have become traditional gifts during special and joyous occasions, so choosing one that would match the occasion and the likes of the recipient can be a daunting task. Here are some things you should consider when choosing a hand bouquet and mastering the art:

  1. Know what occasion it is for?

Of course, before you buy a bouquet you should know the occasion. There are bouquets for different occasions and buying the wrong one can create a very awkward or insulting moment. Don’t bring flowers that are far too bright and colorful during a funeral and do not bring flowers that are for a funeral to a birthday party. You should definitely do your research on the occasion and the language of flowers to avoid a terrible misunderstanding.

For example, if you bring sunflowers to a funeral it would come across as weird or awkward as sunflowers are a cheerful way to brighten someone’s day. Or it is a flower that represents happiness and cheer and bringing it to a place where people are mourning will definitely not turn out well. The flowers that are usually in funerals are carnations.

  1. Know the likes and dislikes of the recipient

this is a crucial part in bouquet choosing. It would be an advantage if you know what he or she likes because this would make him or her feel special. The effort would be unmistakable. Knowing what colors they like would also be good because you can base the flower arrangement on it. For example, red roses are common and not many people consider it as something special because it has become unoriginal.

Of course, not all people think red roses are unoriginal as some love roses in any shape or color. It is always very helpful to know the recipient or even ask around if you do not know the recipient well but want to make an impression or want to ask them on a date or even just to confess your feelings.

  1. Know where to buy the bouquet

Buying a personalized hand bouquet has become easy during these modern times because you can find an online florist and easily order from their catalogue through their website. Some of them even offer same day flower delivery for more convenient business transactions. They also make sure that the flowers are fresh and vibrant when they arrive. You can also go to your local florist and handpick the flowers you want.

  1. Customize the Flower arrangement

This is not necessary, but the effort would be greatly appreciated. Especially if you take the time to hand pick the flowers that you know the recipient would love. You can make your own special hand bouquet that is unique and one of its kind. This would make anyone happy.

There are many ways to style and create a flower bouquet that can easily be done at home or be done by a florist you know. This is a fun and creative way to show what you feel to that special someone by making sure you place the right flowers and the right colors and have it neatly wrapped and packaged only for that special person.

  1. For weddings: Make sure it matches the gown

You should definitely choose the gown first before the bridal bouquet or choose a theme so that the hand bouquet would match the color scheme and flower arrangement of the venue. Choose something that you want to be represented by. It may be something colorful and eccentric or simple and humble. Choose what best suits you or speaks to you the most.

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding and choosing the right bouquet shall be an essential part of it. This bouquet would represent a lot of things especially as she passes it down to the next one in line.

There is really no guaranteed formula in choosing the right bouquet because each person has a different taste so a person would end up choosing the bouquet that would be closest to what they like. You can even choose a bouquet based on the color itself if you like it. The right bouquet would depend on your likes, or what the recipient would like or the occasion. Sometimes, like in the Victorian Era, the bouquet would depend on what message the giver wanted to bring across to their recipient. Hence the Language of Flowers was created.

Flowers have meanings and knowing them would really be a great tool when you plan to customize or buy a hand bouquet. You can easily search the meanings through the internet although some meanings would differ as most of the people have their own interpretation of what a particular flower means. OR what message it brings across.

Simply put, a hand bouquet of flowers as a gift is just a way of telling someone or making someone feel loved or it may be a form or showing gratitude or expressing emotion in general. Take the time to make it special by tailoring or customizing a flower bouquet that has a specific meaning and presentation to really make that person know how much you care about them and how much you are there for them.