A Rainbow baby breath bouquet to brighten a gloomy day in Singapore

If you want to cheer up a friend without having the words to say, a rainbow baby’s breath bouquet should brighten his or her day.

Our baby’s breath bouquet is made even more special by offering it in the colors of the rainbow. Even if your friend happens to be like Eeyore or Mr. Scrooge, you can still make that person smile with this multicolored hand bouquet.

The rainbow is a symbol of hope as it reminds us of God’s promise that there will always be a rainbow after the rain. It also represents innocent and pure love, diversity, and inclusion. If your friend was bullied or discouraged in any way, you can perk him or her up with a rainbow baby breath bouquet.

Every stalk is carefully dyed with love and passion by our in-house florist. We often think of the person who will be receiving this bouquet as a gift. We think about putting a smile on their face when they see and hold the bouquet.

Although not a particularly fragrant type of flower, that is no reason not to like these flowers. You can spray essential oils on it if you want your bouquet to have a special scent.

The delicate sprigs of baby’s breath flowers are widely-used in bouquets for various events. It often acts as a filler to fill in the gaps in between large blooms. Baby’s breath flowers can pull the bouquet together and make it look perfectly arranged.

Perfect for many events, customers often order baby’s breath flowers for weddings, baby showers, and for children. It also makes a nice gift for best friends, associates, and lovers.

Remember that baby’s breath flowers are symbolic of genuine love be it in relationships or platonic friendships.

Originally, the baby’s breath flowers come in white flowers. There are also variations of pale pink and mellow yellow baby’s breath flowers in the wild. With a rainbow bouquet of baby’s breath flowers, we opt to tint the flowers in vibrant, true-hued colors. The brilliant hues make the bouquet an attractive arrangement and can be placed in a vase on your desk or end table.

If you want to spread love and happiness on any day, be it a special event or a day you simply want to make better, you can order a rainbow baby’s breath bouquet from our personalized flower delivery selection. We delight in making people smile and sharing happiness one bouquet at a time.