How to Express Your Love and Feelings with Flowers?

Expressing your feelings to someone is hard. Especially when you feel like he or she is way out of your league. Telling someone that directly to their face that you love them is the surest way of expressing your feelings. But sadly, not a lot of people can easily burst those words into their mouths. But there are a lot of ways to express your feelings to someone depending on your love language. If you are the type of person who likes to express it through service, you can cook a delicious meal to someone. Cooking meals for someone make them feel important. It means that you are thinking of them because it takes a lot of effort to cook for somebody especially assuring that the meal is delicious.

However, if you are the type of person who likes to express it through words, you can write letters for him or her. Make sure to pick the right words so that it won’t scare him or her off. But if you are the type of person who does not know how to express their feelings to someone, you can express it by giving flowers. An expert florist can help you choose the flowers to express your feelings to someone because every flower symbolizes different meanings so it’s better to pick the right flower so you won’t be sending the wrong message to him or her. The following are popular flowers to express your love and feelings to someone.

Peonies symbolize feelings of romance and prosperity. So if you want to send the message that you love and appreciate them, this should be the flower of your choice. It also signifies compassion. The plump layers of petal of the peonies give soothing and romantic energy and they are used to symbolize someone’s beauty and uniqueness.

Yellow Daffodil is synonymous with spring. It symbolizes a new beginning. It’s a great choice to express to someone that you want to start a new life with them full of love and romance. It also symbolizes inspiration.

Red Roses. This is the most common and most liked of all flowers since they are available every season. They come in different colors which signifies different meanings too. The most common color to give is red since it symbolizes romance, love, and intense emotions. But never give a yellow rose to someone you love because you might send a wrong signal because yellow rose signifies friendship.

White lilies. It symbolizes the pure and innocent character. During the Victorian Era, when a girl was given with white lilies, she already knew that this is her lover. It’s the best choice to profess to someone you love that you have a pure heart and good intentions to him or her.

The red Carnations particularly symbolize love, fascination, and admiration to someone. During Victorian times, this has been a popular choice for Mother’s Day to express love and appreciation. So this is not limited to romantic relationships only but it is also a great choice to give to mothers to express how you love and appreciate them.

Ranunculus, on the other hand, symbolizes charm and attraction with their skirt-like petals. So give someone a hand bouquet of this to let her know that you are dazzled by their charm. One interesting fact about this flower is that it can live up to 7 days even after cutting them from their roots. So it’s a perfect choice for hand bouquet or even on wedding occasions.

Tulips symbolize first love. There is no better way to profess your love to someone for the first time than giving her a bouquet of tulips. It’s another way of saying “I love you” and that you are madly in love with her. Plus it has a sweet fragrance that will truly captivate the heart of your beloved.

Sunflower. Not a lot of people know this but sunflower makes a great bouquet for proposals or even just professing your love to someone. Due to its sunny and bright color, it will surely make your beloved happier and more in love.

There are a lot of ways to express your love to someone special. It may be a form of service like cooking for someone. Or it could be spending your quality time and undivided attention with them. It could also be a physical touch like holding her hands, kissing her lips, or just by merely giving her a warm and tight embrace. But if you are the type of person who likes to express it in words of affirmation, and words are not enough to express how you really feel, then you can give her flowers. It has been a long-time tradition that flowers were used to profess their love to someone. It brings a lot of messages when you give it especially to someone you really love. So make sure you pick the right flower to express your deep emotions. An online florist can help you choose the best flowers to express your feelings to someone. If you are on a tight budget but you don’t want to compromise the quality of the flowers, you can check flower delivery for a list of flowers you can choose from. It doesn’t really matter if you express your love in a grand manner, what matters is you were able to express it in a manner that will surely captivate the heart of your beloved and that you have good intentions.